Revolt Against Cancer was a success!

Thank you to everyone who came to Revolt Against Cancer last night at Revolution Brewery to support Anne‘s and my fundraising! The event was a success! We raised about $700, plus all of the virtual donations from folks who couldn’t attend. (PS – my donation page is here 🙂 )




Our awesome raffle looked pretty impressive once everything was set out.


And the bake sale! Best idea ever! Definitely paid off. Thank you to everyone who baked, and who bought some baked goods!


We had a great turnout, I’d estimate over 40 people. I don’t think we ever took a final count, haha.




My BFF Genevieve came up early with me, and along with Erin, and Anne‘s friend Jessie, helped Anne and me with set up. I cannot thank all of them enough! We should have gotten a group pic, oopsie. But with all hands on deck, we had everything set and ready to go well before the doors were open for our guests.

And I really cannot thank Genevieve enough. When it comes to fundraising, some people can give more time than funds. This is why I spend so much time fundraising. And over the many years of my fundraising (going back to Relay For Life 5+ years ago), Genevieve has been so supportive, attending my events, recruiting more people to attend, and always offering to help. She is such a rockstar and I can attribute much of my fundraising success to her! 🙂

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