Virtual Raffle Against Cancer!

Note: The raffle has ended. 

Proceeds support the American Cancer Society and Uniting Against Lung Cancer.  Special thanks to Erica, Zenaida, AmandaMo and Erin for donating many of the great items to this raffle! 


Sproing Sport 12-Class Pack for – Value $240 – Donated by Sproing Sport Chicago

Screen shot 2014-07-15 at 9.01.50 PM


CrossTown Fitness 30-Day Membership – Value $180 – Donated by CrossTown Fitness

Screen shot 2014-07-15 at 9.13.14 PM


YogaSix One-Month Membership – Value $149  – Donated by YogaSix (coming soon to Chicago!)

Screen shot 2014-07-15 at 9.15.51 PM


Nutribullet System – Value $100 – Donated by Erica

20140715-205419.jpg 20140715-205425.jpg


Aspen Yoga Mat – Value $50 – Donated by Erica

20140715-205431.jpg 20140715-205437.jpg


Swirlgear item [winner’s choice] – Value $20-80 – Donated by Maggie



Funny Running Shirt [winner’s choice] – Value $23 – Donated by I Am shirts

Screen shot 2014-07-15 at 9.43.23 PM


Food Gift Pack – Value $105 – Donated by Zenaida and Erica
Chia seeds, gluten-free oats, Fruit Bliss dried fruit, Daily Dose dark chocolate, Salted Carmel GU, Energy Drops, Emergen-C, Cytomax mix, Energy Bits




Racer Gift Pack – Value $130 – Donated by Erica and Zenaida
Racer Wall frame, 2 items from Fuel Belt, Ultimate Direction handheld, Lace Locks, 3 Bondi Bands, Asics arm warmers, Asics hat, Fitletic headbands


20140715-205506.jpg 20140715-205513.jpg



Socks Gift Pack – Value $81 – Donated by Zenaida and Erica
Feetures no-show tab socks (size M), ProCompression Marathon Shamrock Socks (size S/M), Injinji Sport knee socks (size M)



Apparel (Women’s Small) Gift Pack – Value $93 – Donated by I <3 To Run and TriJetSet
Black RUN hoodie, gray I <3 2 Run hoodie, I-Jetset shirt



Apparel (Women’s Medium) Gift Pack – Value $94 – Donated by I <3 To Run and TriJetSet
New Balance Run shirt (pink), I work-out tank (blue), I-Jetset tee, Screw Calm Go Running tank



Apparel (Women’s Large) Gift Pack – Value $90 – Donated by I <3 To RunTriJetSet and Maggie
Fellow Flowers shirt, New Balance RUN shirt (green), I-Jetset tee, and BONUS Fellow Flowers magnets

20140715-205558.jpg 20140715-205605.jpg


Live Grit Gift Pack – Value $40 – Donated by Live Grit
$25 Live Grit gift card, swim cap, stemless wine glass

20140715-205612.jpg 20140715-205619.jpg


Chicago Beer Gift Pack – Value $28 – Donated by Anne
2 Chicago Flag koozies, 2 Chicago flag pint glasses, 6-pack from a local brewer (TBD)



Silver Bracelet – Donated by Mo



Needless to say, we are pretty humbled by all of the generous donations to our raffle! All totaled, it’s over $1,400 worth of goodies!!

If you plan to attend Revolt Against Cancer (and we hope you do!), you’ll receive one free raffle ticket upon entry, and can buy additional tickets for $5 each. But if you can’t attend and would like to get in on this raffle, you can! Here’s how:

  1. Make a donation to me and/or Anne before Sunday July 27 at 1:00 PM Central Time.
  2. Every $5 you donate = 1 raffle ticket
  3. Fill out this form and let us know how you would like your tickets used
  4. The night of the event, someone will drop your tickets into the raffles
  5. If you win, we will follow-up with you after the event to coordinate drop-off or mailing

Thank you!! Please feel free to share this post if you hate cancer 🙂

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