June in Review

This month I can actually pass for someone who is marathon training (note, this is duration of total time by day).

Screen shot 2014-07-02 at 11.08.48 PM

Total running miles: 52.1
Total biking miles: 37.4
Total time working out: 23hr, 37min
Total sports massages: 2
Approximate miles driven for Ragnar: 325 in 30 hours
Oddest Saturday night/Sunday morning combo: Anything Goes Burlesque Show followed by mass with my parents
Total new-to-me beers: 3
New-to-me restaurants: 5 – The Radler,  MingHin Cuisine, The Beer Bistro, Sweet Maple Cafe, La Vaca Margarita Bar [bulk review = I liked them all and would recommend]
Reminders that I should never do karaoke: 1

Screen shot 2014-06-08 at 11.39.21 AM

Wurst Ragnar Team Ever


It rained a lot. I ran in the rain a few times.


This is the view for a lot of my runs these days. Never gets old.


Why fly when you can Divvy?


Settling into our new ‘hood.

Screen shot 2014-07-05 at 5.20.58 PM

Be glad this is a photo and not video.

2014 Goals! Halfway there!

Weekly Strength Workouts: I did 5. Helps that there is a fitness center in our building with weight machines and free weights.

Bi-weekly Fun Workouts: None. But I’m pretty sure I’ll get back into dance classes after the marathon.

Read 12 Books: I never finished the book I started in May. It was by an author I like, and the subject matter sounded promising, but it didn’t hold my attention. I started a new book and haven’t finished it yet.

Host Something Once a Month: We had my parents over for dinner. My husband prepared all the food. Daughter & Wife of the Year, yes?

Volunteer: Working hard with Anne to make sure Revolt Against Cancer is a success! We have a lot of awesome items that we’ll be raffling off. Seriously, I want to keep some of this stuff for myself (as does my husband), but instead we’ll just buy raffle tickets. But we would love to see all of you there on July 27! (Already planning to come? Invite your friends!)

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3 Comments on “June in Review”

  1. No way! I went to Sakura two years ago for my best-friend-from-childhood’s bachelorette party. We had a private room and I sat on the couch the entire time praying the night would end while everyone else got schwasted (I was 21, but at the time I didn’t drink at all). Fun times! (Not fun times. But my friend had a very fun time, which ultimately is what matters.)

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