Race Report: Shamrock Shuffle 8K

This was my third year in a row running the Shamrock Shuffle. This is easily one of my favorite races. It marks the beginning of spring and the racing season (I know you can race all winter, but from now until … Thanksgiving? you could race practically every weekend without travelling too far if you wanted), it’s a great course through downtown Chicago, the post-race atmosphere is fun, and I always see lots of people I know.



I spent Saturday at the expo volunteering at the ACS booth.

I rode down to the race with Anne and friends and we found Mo in the wave 1 area. She was looking pretty chipper for someone who ran a marathon the day before.



Reppin’ the Wurst Running Club Ever



After getting through the long port-o-pottie lines, I found Kelly and we headed to corral B. Neither of us felt like we would be able to PR, so we agreed to run together and just have fun. I miss my BRF!!



But first, let me take a selfie!


Photo Source: Kelly

We finished in 47:09. I’ll take it. Given my running lately, that’s pretty much what I expected. We spent the race chatting and run-dancing and just enjoying the morning.

I went to retrieve my bag from gear check and then wander around the post-race party. I ran into Nicole and chatted for a bit before getting my beer. When I got to the front of the line, the beer volunteer asked if I had a wristband. What? No, I don’t have a wristba …. HEY!



It was my buddy Megan! Of all the beer lines in all the world, I walked into her’s. [And yes, she gave me a wristband. I used to be her boss, so, she kind of had to, right?]



As I was headed back toward the direction of Nicole, I ran into Amanda and some of the F’N Runners! It was great to see them! I miss my old running crew. Nicole ended up finding us as well.

Eventually I found the WRCE, which was good, because they were my ride back to our ‘hood, and more importantly, brunch. And we found the Green Guys! Which now includes a Green Lady.



Photo Source: Pete



Source: Jennifer 

Also, congrats to us! Not the wurst! (14th out of 74 teams in the blue division)



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14 Comments on “Race Report: Shamrock Shuffle 8K”

  1. What fun that you got to run with Kelly and run in to so many people you knew!!! Congrats on your club placement!!! 🙂 My club had a few teams, too 🙂 It’s fun to see everyone’s pics from the race!

    1. It’s funny how many people I ran into yesterday without even trying. But that’s usually the case with this race! Which is one of the many reasons I enjoy it so much. And I did see a few Efit shirts!

  2. You are like the mayor of the running community – you know everyone! I love it!

    So glad you and Kelly had a great time. It was such a perfect morning for a race.

    Congrats on your running club placement!

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