S-No-W Fun

The entire theme this weekend is that snow is no fun. Luckily, runners ARE a lot of fun!

The Wurst Running Club Ever was getting pretty excited for the S-No-W Fun Run in Lake Geneva – running in the wurst possible weather, Schnapps at the finish, and a rockin’ post-race party.

I booked a room for me & the hubs at the race site, the Grand Geneva Resort (formerly The Playboy Club). I hoped we could get up there early enough to check into our room before the race. Unfortunately did not budget the time it would take us to get the car out of our alley due to the snow. <– This is foreshadowing. 

Anyway, the race. It was snowing. The roads were snowy and slushy. This would be fun … or s-no-w fun. Luckily the temps were “warm” … mid 20s.  


Source for all race photos: Pete

I ended up running most of the race with Pete. We kept a comfortable pace.

He’s been dealing with ankle issues, and maybe it was the crappy snowy footing, or sympathy pains, but my ankle started hurting a bit during the race (and for a little bit after, luckily it’s fine now). Then my shoulder started hurting. I guess I did not have a relaxed form.

There is an uphill near the end, which I miserably tried to “run” up.

Thankfully, once we were done, it was time for Schnapps, beer (Leinenkugel Creamy Dark, Red Lager and Hoppin’ Helles, and Miller Lite), burgers, sausages, chips and cookies.

After eating, my husband still hadn’t turned up in the crowd, so I went off looking for him and found him in the lobby. Apparently he couldn’t tell where to go post-race, and ended up heading to the lobby. Meaning he missed the food & booze. He didn’t seem to care because he slipped during the race and his knee was hurting (he had slipped earlier in the week, while walking to work, and hurt his knee then too). So we headed back to our room, showered, and relaxed with some room service.

I headed back to the post-race party (Roberto wasn’t up for partying, so I left him in the room, pretty sure he napped). I seemed to have gotten there just in time for the end of the Sausage Dance. So sadly, I couldn’t compete, but Erin represented the WRCE well … she won! She threw down some serious moves, and certainly earned her tiara. And sausage. And shirt.


We were so proud. After her sausage-earning moves, she was the most popular girl there.

The rest of the evening was lots of dancing, beer drinking, checking out the various Hugh Hefners and Playboy Bunnies … and the King?


Clockwise starting from the lone guy: Pete, me, Rachel, Kelly, Erin, Mo, Anne

When the party ended at 8:30, the night ended for me. The group mentioned hitting the hot tub, but I would have had to walk past the hotel restaurant and through the lobby to get there. And while I brought my suit, I did not bring anything to wear over it. And without a pair of bunny ears and tail, I would have looked silly walking about in my bikini, yes?

This morning, we left early, around 9am, so that I could get to my first burlesque class (at 12:30). However, it snowed all night in Chicago, and the roads here were pretty bad here. We park our car in the garage off the alley behind our building, but of course, they don’t plow alleys in Chicago (apparently they also don’t plow side streets – I think our street has not been plowed since it started snowing on NYE). And we drive a Corolla. We ended up getting stuck in the snow in our alley. After about 45 minutes and with the help of three neighbors, we (OK, I was behind the wheel) were able to push the car out of the alley, and parked on the street. By then it was too late to take the bus to class. Bummer.

For some reason, despite the crappy conditions during yesterday’s race, and the stress of getting our car out of the alley … I wanted to go for a run. Perhaps it was the winter wonderland-ness of it, and running in the snow feeling reminiscent of being a kid, or not making it to dance class and still wanting to do something. I knew it wouldn’t be long – ended up calling it quits after 15 minutes. My ankles couldn’t take the rough footing.

I snapped some pics though:

And now that the temps in Chicago are dropping down to negative 10 (with a feels like of negative 40-50), I probably won’t leave my apartment for the next 36 hours.

Anywho, so the S-No-W Fun Run was fun, moreso because of the post-race party. I’d definitely like to do it again next year.

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19 Comments on “S-No-W Fun”

  1. Aww man! What a bummer you missed your class and Robert hurt his knee. Is he okay?

    I notice my ankles have been kind of tender lately from running in all the snow/slush. Tough up, stupid ankles! (umm, that is what I am telling mine).

    Ha ha, so is that what the emphasis on the “no” in the title of this race means?! I have always wondered. Happy you got to do it and had a good time! (And got there and home safely!)

    1. He’s OK. I think by the time we were driving home, he said it felt fine, just a little swollen.

      And yes, I assume the No refers to it being no fun. Honestly, yeah, the actual race wasn’t very fun. But at least it wasn’t super cold?

  2. Next year I’m totally wearing a costume! What a fun party. 🙂 You missed all the hot tub action…(actually there wasn’t much…just some dude trying to be a know it all about ironman when he clearly wasn’t!)

    I hope Robert’s knee is feeling better!

  3. Rachel’s leaving out the part about a naked dude in the hot tub, and all of the nip-slips that we kept seeing in the pool. These runners get pretty scandalous after several hours of drinking and dirty dancing.

    Bummer that Robert hurt himself! A cooler story would be to say it was a polka-related injury.

  4. What a fun race…everyone’s photos are so funny and some of them must have some interesting stories behind them– lots of shenanigans! So I’m curious…was this affiliated with Playboy in any way? What’s with all the scantily clad ladies I saw in photos?! lol

  5. Sorry that all of my ankle talk might have given you “sympathy pains”. Anyway it was great to run a whole race with you. As for the post race party, you gave a perfect one sentence summary about the rest of the evening! Too bad you missed your class, but you probably weren’t the only one. 🙂 Anyway, stay warm today!

  6. This race looked like it was so fun! I’ve planned on doing this race over the past 3 years but it has yet to happen. Lol! If not for the crappy weather, I would have made it out to hang out with you guys. Now that I know some people that have actually done it, maybe next year I’ll actually pull the trigger! Lol

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