Olive’s 2013 Recap

Blame Kim for suggesting this.

Olive started the year living with me and the hubs at my parents house. Meaning FOUR people available to pay attention to her. When she wanted it. Also, I worked from home 1-2 days/week, meaning I was around more for cuddles and behind-the-ear scratches … or to be completely ignored by her.


Sometimes she helped me with my work


In February, the hubs spent a couple weeks in San Diego. He made up for lost time when he got home.


Occasionally she helped me dress myself


When the weather got warm, she could hang out on the windowsills again


Or go “outside” and hang out on the screened-in porch


She helped me pack for Ragnar


Then the most exciting thing happened – we moved!!


Screen shot 2013-06-02 at 11.31.30 AM

Olive HATES car rides. She gets zipped in her carrier and is just miserable. I thought perhaps if I let her out of the carrier during the ride, she would relax. NOPE. She meowed just as much, except this time she was free to climb on me. While I was driving. This lasted until I got to the first red light and zipped her back up. She meowed all the way into Chicago, until she exhausted herself and had no meows left.


We went out to dinner the first night in our new place. When we got back, we couldn’t find Olive in the apartment. We kept making her little noises (the kissing sound people do at cats) … and we could hear her meowing, we just couldn’t tell where it was coming from. I thought maybe she was trapped behind the tower of boxes. It was like a game of “Hot and Cold.” Eventually we found her … outside of the apartment in the hallway. She must have scampered out when our friends came over before we headed out to dinner. She’s not normally an escape kitty, I think she was just confused by her new surroundings.


Haz window, is happy.


Olive normally doesn’t throw up that much, but she started doing it a lot in July. I ended up withholding food while I waited for an appointment with the vet – she was just going to throw it up anyway. I’ve noticed she has a thing for brooms when she gets hungry.


She’s always a good recovery partner after a long run or race.


She used to be really bad about meowing incessantly in the mornings, before we would get out of bed. We seem to have broken the meowing, but she still comes around in the morning, waiting for me to wake up and feed her. I often wake up to her on the bed cuddling, or next to the bed, or sometimes this:


Occasionally we had visitors


This happens if a visitor is allergic


When it gets a little chilly, she likes to snuggle in whatever she can find



Fan girl cat


I didn’t get around to dressing her in an actual costume this Halloween or Christmas


I love this face


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4 Comments on “Olive’s 2013 Recap”

  1. Aww! What a great 2013! So has Olive forgiven you from taking her away from her grandparents, who I am sure must have spoiled her on a daily basis? 🙂

    What was up with all the throwing up? 🙁 Everything back to normal now?

    Data will eat the broom when he is being naughty too. Ha ha!

    1. Ha! I’m sure she doesn’t even notice they’re not around anymore.

      I think the throwing up was a hairball. They gave us a “lube” to add to her food and the throwing up stopped shortly after (so I guess she passed it one way or another).

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