Chicago Running Bloggers Holiday Party

This past Saturday was the second annual Chicago Running Bloggers Holiday Party. Since last year’s went well, we basically did the same thing.

It snowed pretty steadily in Chicago starting Friday night and didn’t let up until Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, that meant a few folks couldn’t make it. But, six of us still headed out for a lovely run in the snow around the West Loop, Little Italy and UIC.

Running in a snowy wonderland

Erin and Lindsay


Emily and Anne


Lauren, Emily and me

We did about 2.5 miles. Luckily the below-freezing temps let up a little bit and it was a balmy 30 degrees. And I’m happy to say that my TevaSphere trail shoes held up pretty well. I wasn’t sliding around in the snow/slush, and my feet stayed mostly dry.

Once back at Erin’s apartment, it was time to eat and chat with everyone else who showed up. I have no picutres of food. I did bring the same dish, sort of, except this time I made the corn bread into mini muffins.


Creeping on Kelsey


Katie, Lindsay and Emily

After eating, we did a grab bag gift exchange. I went home with some performance socks (can never have enough) and a “wrist wallet.” Kelsey and I agreed it can hold a lot of chapstick. Or, like, your keys.

Screen shot 2013-12-15 at 4.25.23 PM

L-R: Kim, Anne, Katie, Eric, Erin, Emily, Kelsey, Lauren, Lindsay, Erica, Bethany, Emily, me, Zenaida

Also, Anne and I had a very important disccusion on body image on the L on our way to the party. Perhaps it deserves it’s own post.

Back at home, we did some decorating.

Meowy Christmas #catsofinstagram

Our first Chicago-proper Christmas ❤️

I’m happy to say that we found our previously missing ornaments. And an excessive amount of string lights (for the size of our apartment). CHRISTMAS IS SAVED.

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12 Comments on “Chicago Running Bloggers Holiday Party”

  1. See, now you’ve made it seem like we had important conversations. Oh, to have been a fly on the El. 🙂

    Glad you found your decorations! Olive looks thrilled about that.

  2. You brought the corn muffins! I loooooved them. I personally believe it’s an unforgivable sin to eat chili without cornbread, so I was very happy someone contributed them to the party. Plus mini = can eat as many as you want because they’re small, so I definitely had my fair share 🙂

  3. I love that Olive is in both pics at your place. Ha ha ha. Is she being a Grinch or what?

    So nice to see you on Saturday! Thanks for your help with that present for Steven, too! I am happy I talked to you about it! Do you want me to send pics when it arrives? 😛

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