Training, Nov 25 – Dec 1

Such a sham title for this post.

Total miles: 15ish
Total time: 2hr, 10min … oy

Monday: Pint Night. It was quite slick out that night. I normally run to/from Pint Night (yes … I run home and yes … I usually get a side stitch). It was slick out, so I walked to Fleet Feet, and got there about 10-15 minutes late. Other people were still heading out to run … I had to catch myself from falling too many times while merely walking, so Anne and I walked not even 3/4 of a mile and decided that was enough for us.

Tuesday: Husband’s birthday. Went out to dinner.

Wednesday: Dinner with besties Vera and Scott.

Thursday: Turkey Chase 8K, 4.97 mi in 40:04, 8:04 pace

Friday: 6 mi in 57min, 9:33 pace on the Lakefront Trail

Saturday: 3.68 mi, in 32min, 8:48 pace. Jog around the nearby park. Lovely weather.

Sunday: Had my parents over for dinner, so … yeah, didn’t run.

Screen shot 2013-12-01 at 8.09.47 PM

The theme was “Get Lit.” And Anne and I might be taking this Wurst Running Club Ever moniker too seriously by being the wurst runners by not even running. But I can assure you, no cars hit us during our walk. I like that my tights are still reflective through my sparkle skirt.

Screen shot 2013-12-01 at 8.04.00 PM

Obviously I still made good on the pint part of Pint Night.

#chilft #runchi #seenonmyrun

Saturday’s run on the LFT

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3 Comments on “Training, Nov 25 – Dec 1”

  1. We really are the wurst. Except at pint drinking. I would have liked to have run, but man, ice stresses me out, and that walk over was super treacherous! Hopefully the weather will cooperate for our holiday Pint Night in a few weeks. Because skipping straight to the Brahaus would just be terrible.

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