Training, Nov 18-24

Monday: Pint Night! Total = 4.74 mi in 49 minutes, 10:14 pace.

Tuesday: Nothing. Rest?

Wednesday: Before work on the Riverwalk & Lakefront Trail. 4.4 mi in 45 minutes, 10:13 pace.

Thursday: Before work again on the RW & LFT. 3.5 mi in 37 minutes, 10:34 pace.

Friday: Gross weather in the AM, and, you know, Fridayness in the PM.

Saturday: Pilates with Props (hand weights), 1 hour. Failed Beer Run.

Sunday: 7.01 mi in 1hr 11min, 10:11 pace. To Montrose Harbor, did a few trips up Cricket Hill.

Total miles: 19.7
Total time: 4hr, 22min


Pint Night with Erin, Lil Erin, and Pete.

#seenonmyrun #latergram #seenonmyrun #latergram

I think this was Thursday.

You gotta pet her so she can feel it #catsofinstagram #niecesofinstagram

^^ The reason I missed the run part of the Beer Run. (My niece, not my rotten cat.)


Revolution Brewery Beer “Run”. Only 2/5 of those pictured ran. And we didn’t make it to the brewery tour. Wurst Beer Run Ever. But I came home with a growler. Winning. Pictured: Eric, Maureen, Anne, me, Erin.

Screen shot 2013-11-24 at 4.04.25 PM

It’s a good thing I took this picture, because I left these at the bar. Oops.

View of Chicago skyline from Cricket Hill #latergram #seenonmyrun

Sunday’s run. View from the top of Cricket Hill.

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2 Comments on “Training, Nov 18-24”

  1. Did you guys miss the brewery tour because you had had enough beer at Revolution restaurant/bar and the tour would have been overkill? 🙂 Anyway, nice pics of the lake. If I worked downtown, I would totally be up for runs down there before work.

    1. The wait for a table was a bit longer than we expected, so we knew before we sat down that we probably wouldn’t get out of there in time. And no one really seemed bothered by that, so we just enjoyed lunch and bought our growlers at the restaurant. And I ordered samples instead of full pints, so I still go to do my own version of a tasting.

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