Race Recap: Oktoberfest 5K

On Thursday night, I ran the Oktoberfest 5K with the Wurst Running Club Ever.

Screen shot 2013-09-21 at 10.34.21 PM

How embarrasing, we all wore the same Dirndl

Screen shot 2013-09-21 at 10.35.50 PM

Just kidding, we ordered them from Spreadshirt.

I didn’t really have a goal for this race, other than run hard and have fun. And … look cute. I even “did” my hair.


Anywho. I was a bit sore from a Megaformer class the night before. Plus, it was hot (upper 80s) and humid.

I ran with Mo for the first mile-ish.

IMG_6845 IMG_6846

Thanks to Mr. Loop Looks for being our club photographer.Β 

There were quite a few puddles on the course, and I’m pretty sure I swallowed a bug at one point. Β And it was muggy. I just kept pushing my heart rate, but I knew I was nowhere near a PR.

Screen shot 2013-09-21 at 10.48.01 PM


Near the end, I ran past Declan, Mrs Declan, Lil Smokie and the Wurst (sorry, Wurs) Race Sign Ever.

1236115_10153294490755515_1451966486_n 1275465_10153294490615515_250816854_o

I finished in 25:25, which is my slowest 5K since the ZOOMA 5K, and that had a significant long uphill. But, as I mentioned, I haven’t been running as much, and it was muggy, and who cares, I looked cute, right?

And I think the first race for the Wurst Running Club Ever was a success.


L-R: Anne, Eric, me, Erica, Declan, Erin, Pete, Mo, Jennifer

If you’d like to hang out with the WRCE, join us for the next Pint Night at Fleet Feet Lincoln Square or the next Chicago Running Bloggers Beer Run! Requirements: You have to like beer, sausage, running and TWSS jokes. And look good in a Dirndl or Dirndl t-shirt. (Which you can still order.)

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15 Comments on “Race Recap: Oktoberfest 5K”

  1. Lil Smokie is super adorable. Thanks for organizing and getting us the awesome shirts! Good times! And thanks to Pete for beating the jerk who had the audacity to tell me “I beat you again” at the finish. Really? I am not blind. Loved the paparazzi and the fan club, too. We may be the Wurst but we were a pretty big deal!

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