Trapeze School New York at Belmont Harbor

Erin, Kim and some other bloggers have been trying out the Trapeze School New York in Chicago. And they make it look super fun. I took a very brief, non-flying trapeze class once at Aloft, and I apparently enjoyed it, because when I saw yet another LivingSocial deal for a TSNY class, I signed up, booked my date, and then kind of put it in the back of my mind.

But as the date … and the hour … of my class approached, I started getting nervous. I read Kelsey’s post about trapeze. While hilarious, I could very well see myself having the same reaction. Also, I hate being upside down.

Other people seemed to think I’d do great. Erin suggested my experience with dance would help. My boss suggested that since I’m a runner, and in good shape, I’ll do well. I appreciate the votes of confidence, but honestly, I was not so sure. On my way to class I tried to remind myself that one time I did gymnatics, on the apparatuses. (Literally, one time. When were were … 12 and 14 maybe, my brother was taking gymnatics camp at the high school and I guess my mom just signed me up too? Maybe I asked to take it. It was like a couple hours/day for a week or something. But I did do stuff on the uneven bars, the balance beam, the vault maybe the low-hanging rings too. Nothing fancy or impressive though.)

The class included three parts – acrobatics, silks and the flying trapeze. Luckily, I tried them out in that order, which was probably a good thing – safest to scariest.

DSC_0001 DSC_0002

Partnering with the teacher because my loser self was there solo. This part was fun. This part I enjoyed and was able to do without feeling too much like an idiot. Also, I think all of my dancing/yoga/pilates did come in handy for this.

Next for me was silks. I’ve always thought silks looks so cool, and graceful, and like a … gentler alternative to trapeze.

DSC_0004 DSC_0007

Yeah, not so much. It was at this moment that I was like “Yup … still hate being upside down.” I did eventually let go, for like three seconds.

Next up was the part we all came for. (Right?) Time to get strapped into a harness, scale a reallllly tall (only slightly wobbly) ladder to a tiny platform, grab a heavy bar and … “hop.”

DSC_0008 DSC_0009 DSC_0010

Crap … there are people watching. And I paid for this … can’t really turn back now.

For the record, the guy behind you does not let go until AFTER you hop off the platform. Part of me thought they let you go and that’s how you … take off. Not so much. You do have some control. But yeah … people are watching. 

So all you did was swing through the air, put your legs over the bar, let go and pretend to reach as if someone was going to grab your arms, grab the bar, then put your legs down, swing your legs and somersault off. Easy peasy, right?

DSC_0011 DSC_0012

I’m having a good time … not. OK, I was. Kind of. In theory. 

DSC_0013 DSC_0014 DSC_0015

You’re not really supposed to grab the ropes for your harness.

The … best (not really) part was? You “get” to go again.


Do I look more relaxed? I was slightly more relaxed.

I think if you were able to get your legs over the bar on the first swing, they put your name on the list to do a “catch” at the end of the class. Most of the other attendees were successful at this, I was not, and honestly, I was relieved. Although the guy running the class said if there was time at the end, I could do a catch if I wanted. I delined. I was on solid land again.

However, I posted a pic to Facebook during the class, and my dad commented that I really am my mother’s daughter. She’s the adventerous one. (Most impressive being that she’s gone sky diving. In the 1970s. And I don’t think they made the n00bs do tandem jumps back then.) My middle-older bro is the most adventerous of the kids (see this and this), but I have my moments . (Also … finally, a gift idea for mom!! She is hard to shop for in that she never wants us to buy her stuff. And this isn’t “stuff.”)

Anyway, if you attend the LivingSocial class, and sign up for another class while you’re there, you get your third class for free.

So … did I sign up??

Yes. But not for trapeze. For the acrobatics. The “on the ground” class. I actually look forward to doing that again. And at $20/pop (or in this case, 2 for $20) for a 90-minute class, much more affordable. Cheaper than Pilates.

Overall, it was a great experience. And I have to say, the staff at TSNY is great. Everyone did a great job demonstrating and/or explaining what we had to do, and calling out directions. And they were very patient and friendly. If you didn’t get something right, that’s OK, just try again.

What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever willingly done? I’m trying to think if I’ve done anything else that I knew would freak me out a little. Other than public speaking. But the fact that my mom has gone sky diving and I haven’t haunts me and makes me feel like a total lame-o.

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9 Comments on “Trapeze School New York at Belmont Harbor”

  1. I though the acroyoga was so cool! That is awesome that you are going back!

    Hmm. I wonder if skydiving is the scariest thing I have done. Although, hang gliding was pretty freaky.

    I hope you are joking about the two times you’ve called yourself a loser! It’s very cool (imho) to do things on your own, and not everyone has to have a “risky” sense of adventure!

  2. It sounds like such a blast! I think I’d be scared out of my mind, so I give you a ton of credit for giving this a shot! And you do honestly look like a dancer in those photos! I didn’t know that was in your background!

  3. Woo hoo!!! So awesome that you got to try out so many cool new pursuits in a single evening! You look like a natural!!! I am with you, though, in that once was probably enough for me when it came to trapeze. But you never know until you try, right?!?!?

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