Get Fly workout with Professor Pierce and Nike

Earlier in the week, I posted about the Nike “Get Fly” program, which focuses on improving our mile time, ending with a track meet at the end of the month. The program is also a way for Nike to introduce their new Fly Knit Free shoes, and in addition to letting us try out the shoes during weekly track workouts, they encourage participants to share their training via Twitter for the chance to earn a private workout with an elite trainer. I was surprised when Team Blogger was awarded this week’s workout, although considering three of the four of us are heavy Twitter users, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

Since this was the first Friday workout for any team, we didn’t know what to expect. We were told to meet at the gym at 6pm, and we would be “outfitted in Nike from head to toe” and work out with Professor Pierce, a trainer for 20 years who has trained professional athletes from the Blackhawks, NFL/NBA cheerleaders, Broadway casts, etc. Pretty impressive.

Sure enough, upon arriving at the gym, we were each given a full Nike outfit, and a pair of the FlyKnit Free shoes. To keep. Sweeeet. There was even a professional photographer there … so I guess I’m a Nike model now? LOL. (Not my first modeling gig.)

This is why girls take so long in the bathroom #latergram

Photobombed by Jennifer and sort-of Erin

During our hour or so with Pierce, we went over various exercises that would benefit our running, mostly repetetive strength stuff. We also did some creative sprints with … resistance.

Screen shot 2013-08-10 at 1.51.41 PM

What I liked about working out with Pierce, besides his great energy, was the wealth of knowledge he has about working out. With everything we did, he explained a lot of the why – why this move is important to do, why it will help with our running.

I probably should have held the camera the other way.

At the end of our workout, Nike generously provided each of us with a gym bag and a “street style” outfit. So not only am I gettin’ fly, but I’m lookin’ pretty fly too. Thanks to Nike and Pierce for an awesome evening!

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