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It’s Sunday night and I’ve got a hot date with a Sailor, our sofa and The Newsroom OnDemand. A nice way to unwind from a fun do-all-the-things weekend.

Friday night that was a free Robert Plant concert at the Taste of Chicago. I headed over after work, grabbed some Taste food (honestly, I was not impressed with the selection but I didn’t check out the food trucks, bummer) and then Eric and I met up on the lawn for the show.

Robert Plant at the Taste of Chicago #latergram

Robert Plant at the Taste of Chicago

In case you’re curious, Robert Plant can still rock out, and they did play a few Led Zeppelin songs, including two of my faves, Going to California and Whole Lotta Love. (No Stairway though.)

Saturday started wtih stand-up paddle boarding with ErinXaarlin, EmilyAnne and Chicago Paddle Co.

Screen shot 2013-07-13 at 4.13.12 PM

Photo from Declan 

We paddled up north at Kathy Osterman Beach (aka Hollywood Beach). We signed up for a class which included a quick lesson and then we paddled around for an hour. There is not much else to stand-up paddleboarding that isn’t obvious from the name, but I will say falling off was actually quite refreshing and getting back on wasn’t very hard. So if you go, just let yourself fall in if you need to.

After an hour in the water, we paddled back to shore and headed to the lovely beer garden at Moody’s Pub for lunch.

Screen shot 2013-07-13 at 4.15.11 PM

Emily, me, Declan, Anne, Erin, Mr. Erin

After a brief nap, Saturday night included a quick visit to the Square Roots festival and dinner at another local German restaurant. (Huge perk of the neighborhood for Krauts like us.)

I didn’t get my act together on Sunday and ended up running 10 miles in the early afternoon. It may have been cooler by the lake but it was still pretty dang warm out there. After I finished, I felt pretty wiped out. I wasn’t alone.

Recovering from a rough weekend? #catsofinstagram #crazycatlady

Hopefully my poor planning and resulting hot long runs will pay off at the Rock ‘n Roll Half next weekend. Either way, my only goal for that race is to have fun and finish.

The rest of the day was spent feeling exhausted and using up some of the contents of the fridge by making cream of mushroom soup. I won’t post a recipe because I didn’t really follow one. But I did use my food processor (a wedding gift) for probably the second time in six years.

cream of mushroom cream of mushroom

I know photos of other people’s food don’t always look good, but I promise it tasted good.

You know what’s awesome? Not having the Sunday Blues. I feel like my weekend was busy and fun, and I honestly enjoy my new job, and with my shorter commute I don’t have to get up all that early anymore (7am). So … huh. Not dreading Monday is a weird feeling. Also helps that I’m meeting up with a bunch of other bloggers at Pint Night at Fleet Feet Lincoln Square tomorrow. Wanna join us?

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14 Comments on “Do All the Things”

  1. Oh, I had no idea The Newsroom was back already. Nice.
    Those fleet feel nights sound pretty awesome – unfortunately twin toddlers at home with their killjoy bedtimes will probably keep me away from them for quite a while.

  2. What a fun weekend! Oh I know those Sunday Blues haha- so glad you are liking your new job! (And I used to live in Lincoln Square a few years ago– loved that Fleet Feet store…wish I could join you ladies!) Have a great week!

  3. That paddle boarding looks like so much fun! Of course, I have sworn off extreme activities until I figure out my shoulder issue (is stand up paddle boarding extreme?? eh… anyway)…

    See you Sunday. My goal is the same. Finish and have fun.

  4. You really did all the things this weekend! I’m so glad we all went paddle boarding- it was so much fun and I can’t wait to go again!!

    I love that photo of Olive. She looks so comfy 🙂

  5. isn’t chicago in the summer the best!! there’s so much to do, you can’t help but have a full (and fun!) weekend. good luck in next week’s race – hope it doesn’t heat up too much for you!

  6. Haha, love the pic of Olive 🙂 That’s probably what my dogs would do if they could find a big enough couch.

    Sounds like a very Chicago-y weekend! “Going to California” is one of my favorites too, I would’ve been happy to hear that on Friday! And I hope we’re all planning a return SUP trip, that was so fun!

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