Race Report: Chicago Women’s 5K

A few days ago, my best friend Genevieve asked if I wanted to use her mom’s bib for the Chicago Women’s 5K this weekend. I haven’t spent much time with Gen lately, so I said yes, thinking it would be a good chance for us to spend time together. I planned to run with her at her pace. Which was a great plan, because it ended up being pretty warm this morning.

I got a ride down to the race from my new neighbor Anne (yay neighbors!), who was running her first half marathon, and Kim was pacing her. Her husband Bob drove us down and we got to Grant Park with plenty of time to park and meet up with other bloggers before the half marathoners had to get in their corrals.

Screen shot 2013-06-23 at 8.50.59 PM

Xaarlin, Kim, Anne, me, Chris, Christina, Erica

The halfers left to line up and while I was waiting for Genevieve, I met up with Amy and Jennifer who were also doing the 5K.

Screen shot 2013-06-23 at 8.52.56 PM Screen shot 2013-06-23 at 8.53.35 PM

Amy & me, Me & Genevieve

The 5K started at 6:50am, 20 minutes after the half. The course went up Columbus to Wacker to the Lakefront Path down by the Museum Campus before going back under LSD and finishing on Columbus. Genevieve’s goal was to run the entire 5K, which would be the longest distance she’s ever ran without a walk break. (She has finished two half marathons for the record.) So pace wasn’t really a goal, just no walk breaks! It was a warm day, but she did great! I only had to slap her ass once to keep her moving, but she met her goal! We finished around 42 minutes, so it wasn’t a PR for her, but I told her to focus on one goal at a time. Plus it was warm out.

After finishing, we checked out the post-race area (free popsicles!), and made our way to the finish to watch Anne and Kim finish as well as Jen from our run club.

Screen shot 2013-06-23 at 8.56.43 PM

Anne & Kim

Honestly I was getting warm just standing in the sun on the sidelines, so I was glad I wasn’t doing the half. I briefly debating doing this one as a make up for the half I missed, but didn’t want to risk hot weather. Today would not have been a good alternative for a PR attempt.

By then we were pretty hungry, so we headed to breakfast/lunch at Eleven Street Diner. I only mention this because I had my very first Bloody Mary. It was pretty great, but I do love my champagne so I’ll probably stick to mimosas. In case you care.

Screen shot 2013-06-23 at 8.59.54 PM

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23 Comments on “Race Report: Chicago Women’s 5K”

  1. That’s a good goal to shoot for! I think it took me a few 5ks to do an entire thing without stopping, and even more impressive to do it in that heat!

    And happy to carpool, neighbor 🙂 I know Bob just loved chauffeuring a bunch of ladies around!

      1. I actually have no idea why Bob agreed to do it! Probably some combo of all the races of his I’ve spectated, it being my first half, and the promise of brunch afterward.

  2. Sounds like a hot fun time! Glad I didn’t hear any stories of people passing out or getting sick.
    I didn’t have my first bloody mary until Mardi Gras day in New Orleans after a really rough night.. only way to cure a hangover. WIth that, I also enjoy mimosas more.

    Have a great day

  3. Great job to Gen!! And I like that you said you had to slap her ass once to keep her going! And yes, doing that duathlon yesterday, I know it was hot! I was thinking about you guys. It’s good you all started early. We started at 8:00!

  4. It was so nice to see you yesterday and meet Genevieve! I am disappointed to hear there wasn’t more ass slapping though. Hee hee. JK. Congrats to her on meeting that awesome goal! And thank you so much for waiting to see us finish. That meant a lot to me 🙂

  5. Congrats on your successful race! Looks like everyone had a lot of fun! Sunday definitely wasn’t a day to PR; glad you were smart about your pacing. And I can’t believe you had never tried a Bloody Mary! I love the olives and/or pickles that are often stuck in Bloody Marys, which I’m sure would be a great way to replenish your electrolytes after a race. 🙂

  6. I had to pull out at mile 4 of the half. With the sun beating down on such a humid day, I became quite dizzy and knew I couldn’t sustain 9 more miles. It was my very first DNF, but for once, I listened to my body.

    1. Yikes, sorry to hear the race didn’t go as planned for you, but better to DNF by choice than by force. Hopefully your next race will have better conditions!

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