Run for Boston 5K – Volunteer Report

Last Saturday – also my moving day – was the Run for Boston 5K. Doing a race in the Chicago area to raise money for those affected by the Boston Marathon bombings was the idea of Katie, and because of her hard work, and the partnership of Art aka Muddy Monk, Kelly and many other Chicago Running Bloggers, I’m happy to say we pulled off a successful race, and raised over $10,000!

My job for the race was heading up volunteers. I’ve co-chaired other charity events (specifically the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life), so I knew the importance of “many hands make light work.” I estimated that we needed at least 20 or so volunteers to pull it off, but more volunteers would definitely make everyone’s job easier.

Luckily on race day, we had lots of volunteers on hand to cover all the necessary tasks, and no one (besides probably Katie and Art) was running around doing a bunch of things at once. And hopefully everyone had a good time.

Screen shot 2013-06-20 at 8.14.03 AM

Thank you volunteers!

Thanks to the race’s generous sponsors, 100 percent of the fees paid by runners will go directly to the Who Says I Can’t Foundation, which helps amputees lead active lives. The intent is for our funds to support the ten people who lost limbs as a result of the Boston Marathon bombings.

As the person behind, I’m honestly humbled at how many bloggers came together to plan, volunteer at, or run the race. When I started that site a year and a half of so ago, I really didn’t know what would come of it – maybe we’d meet up at races or the occasional happy hour. But as I wrote on the Run for Boston blog, I’m truly amazed at the little community that we have!

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27 Comments on “Run for Boston 5K – Volunteer Report”

  1. A huge round of applause to you for organizing the volunteers! I’m sad my work schedule didn’t allow me to help out, but it sounds like you guys really did a really great job of organizing and putting on the race. Give yourself a pat on the back! 🙂

      1. The only down side to Hot Doug’s is no bar there. Because I can’t run without beer 🙂 Kuma’s has one if we decide to go with a burger run instead.

  2. Thanks for heading up the volunteers! Volunteering was fun which was made more fun by all of the Chicago Running Bloggers to hang with. :).

  3. I’m with Pete, volunteering was all that more fun with the bloggers! I think Chicago Running Bloggers may need to put on more races. Or just hang out and drink 312 more often 🙂

  4. Thanks for all your efforts, Maggie, and for accommodating my girls. They had fun, as did I. It was a well-executed event and we were honored to be a part of it. Would be glad to be part of the next event!

  5. Woo hoo!!! Congratulations to everyone for a fantastic event! I still need to submit my virtual 5K time to Muddy Monk. =) And thanks again to you for spearheading the Chicago Running Bloggers website – I have met the most amazing group of friends as the result of what you started!!!!!!!

  6. I live in Boston – just wanted to drop a note and thank you all for doing this, it’s really amazing to see how the running community has come together. Thank you!

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