Ragnar Team AmericanSweathearts!

Today’s the day! In a few hours, Ragnar Team American Sweathearts will head up to Madison, WI to run 200 miles (actually 195.3) to Chicago. I am responsible for like 23-24 of those miles. Eek!


  1. Suzanne: BADASS. She runs marathons, triathlons … I won’t tell you her age, but let’s just say I want to be her when I grow up.
  2. Sara: a.k.a. Gingerfoxxx. Waffles’s mom.
  3. Amanda: Fellow F’N Runner and cat lady and frequent race-carpooler.
  4. Maggie: Oh hey.
  5. Kate LF: Fellow F’N Runner and Sam’s wife.
  6. Lisa: I don’t really know Lisa, but I’m sure that will change this weekend!
  7. Kelly J: Napoleon’s mom, fellow social media pro.
  8. Kate S: Crossfitter. If I run into trouble with shady characters during a leg, she’ll probably be my muscle.
  9. Melanie: Fellow F’N Runner and mom of 3. THREE. And she’s my age! I’m a slacker.
  10. Sam: a.ka. Uncle Sam and van 1 driver. Kate LF’s husband.
  11. Kelly W.: a.k.a. Lady Liberty and van 2 driver. And mom-to-be!



We also lucked out with some great sponsors! Thank you for your support!!

Chobani – Race morning snacks
Haeleum – Customized insect repellent shirts (pictured)
Body Glide – Product and shirts
Bondiband – Headbands to match our American Sweathearts theme (pictured)
Freshii – Donation
Handful – Hats
Oiselle –  Shorts and shirts
Honey Stinger – Fuel
Aspaeris – Compression shorts (pictured)
Proud Runner – Bad Ass socks (pictured)
Brooks – Sunglasses


And I had a little help with my packing last night:

"Hey mom, I help you pack for Ragnar, k?"

Needless to say, we will be tweeting and instagramming it up starting Thursday afternoon/evening through Saturday afternoon! Follow along with hashtag #AmericanSweathearts!

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11 Comments on “Ragnar Team AmericanSweathearts!”

  1. It’s go time! what are you pump up songs for the day? The Bulls intro song should be played as you get to Madison! Let me bend and snap and say, You go girls!

    1. Haha bend and snap. Nice! We haven’t talked about team songs, but personally Macklemore’s new song (Can’t Hold Us) has been my “power song” lately.

  2. Have a fantastic race, Maggie!!! Love the photo collage of the entire team. You all look bad-ass!!! Can’t wait to hear all the stories and see all the pictures!!!

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