First World Problems

what I wore
Not what I’m wearing today, but another example. Although I was able to improve it.

Haven’t done one of these posts in awhile …

Dressing myself. I have to be out the door at 5:40am, so I roll out of bed at the latest time possible, which in my case is 5:20am. I usually try to pull out an outfit the night before, because when left to my own devices at 5:30am, the results usually aren’t that great. And I end up in some ill-fitting pants and top and feel frumpy all day long. Like today. Which leads me to …

Clothes that don’t fit. I feel like I am on a never-ending quest to find good pants. (Maybe I should stop shopping at Target, Old Navy and H&M, and shell out a little bit more money?) I can’t really complain about this one, but I’ve lost some weight, and am finding more stuff in my closet that doesn’t fit. I need to get moving on packing for our move so I can actually try on stuff and get rid of what doesn’t fit.

Quit judging me
Quit judging me

Obsolete technology. My crappy phone keeps shutting down in the middle of Candy Crush Saga.

Also, Vine finally released an Android version, and as a social media pro, I was excited to finally check it out. But my phone is too out-of-date to download it. RUDE. Luckily, I think I can steal someone else’s upgrade from my family plan and get a new phone next month. (Sorry, Dad.) Which brings me to …

Picking a new phone. Whenever I have to buy new technology, I always stress over finding the best one for me. So this time around, should I just go with the iPhone? I’m on Verizon, do they have any comparable or better options out right now? (Or that will be out this summer?)

Packing. Not only have I not started packing for our move in 10 days, but I haven’t even started packing for Ragnar, and we leave tomorrow afternoon. I have been setting aside my Ragnar-specific clothing though. And I am taking tomorrow off. But I really hate packing.

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I killed a spider on my desk this morning. At home I don’t kill spiders. But it seemed different at work, especially because I spotted it as I was eating my oatmeal at my desk.

Mocha-hazelnut frappucinos are delicious. OK, that’s not really a First World Problem, I just wanted to share. You can mix frappucino flavors and that is a delicious combo.

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13 Comments on “First World Problems”

  1. Clothes that are too big – not a bad problem to have, but still SO annoying sometimes! I just finally cleaned my closet out of everything that hasn’t fit me in over a year. Moving is a really good excuse to do that 🙂 I’ve had good luck at Loft, Ann Taylor and NY&CO (which is pretty cheap) for pants. Hope you can find something that works!

    I have the Samsung Galaxy SIII and it’s a really great phone. It’s fast, has tons of storage, and a really good quality camera that doesn’t lag, if that’s something you care about. And I’ve dropped it tons of times and the screen never cracks (sorry iPhone fans!).

  2. You should have killed the spider with your coffee cup!

    I want to use vibe for running purposes, but can’t see how I would make it interesting at all lol

    And pant issues ugh. I like my jeans from express, but i recently got a pair for gap, same exact size and cut…. and sh*t! They were tighter than my running tights, no way can I wear them or even move in them!

    I’ll be sending positive brain waves for your Ragnar run!

  3. You looked so sad in your frumpy photo!

    I had a BlackBerry before the iPhone and I HATED it. Although I don’t think many people are getting BlackBerries anymore. I love the iPhone and think it is a great phone. I like the features and that lots of other folks have the same phone so there is usually someone I can borrow a charger from at the office if I need one.

    I have had trouble finding dress pants I like at Target and Old Navy. Historically I’ve had the best luck at Express. I’ve been told the pants are made for women that have no butt, so that is probably why I like them so much. I know friends rave about pairs at Banana Republic, but I haven’t gotten any there that I can speak to. Since I wear dress pants so much, I don’t mind shelling out a little extra $$ every once in awhile since their pants last for years, literally.

    1. I had a Blackberry from 2006 until maybe 2009. It was work-issued and compared to phones now, so old, LOL. I don’t know anyone who has bought one recently.

      1. I had a BlackBerry around the same time! I never got rid of it because it has a ton of photos from when we first got our dog. All the puppy photos are on that phone! I need to keep it for that alone! Although, I don’t know where the charger is. Oops.

  4. I’m on Verizon and after around 3 years updated my phone last week to a Razr M. I’m really loving it and it’s so much better than my Driod X from ages ago.

  5. I’ve only ever had an iPhone once I made the move to a smartphone so I can’t compare. I can tell you, though, that I’ve tried to use my MIL’s Droid-based phone and it makes no sense to me. But that might just be because I’ve been using an iPhone for over 5 years.

    And pants? Definitely The Limited. The best thing is that they always have pants on their clearance rack AND they have awesome sales. Yes, they will be more expensive than Target or Old Navy but they will last forever.

  6. I had the same problem with Vine for Andorid : My phone is about two and a half years old and I’ve been thinking about going back to iPhone….but I would want to wait for the 5S or 6 or whatever to come out and it’s taking forever! (first world problem, srsly).

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