Training, April 29 – May 12, and Urban Kayaks

I didn’t do a training post last week because I tapered and then didn’t run my goal race. So I was too exhausted to write and didn’t have much to report. This week was recovery for the first half, so just as boring. But combined, they make up one decent week of training, haha.

Mon 4/29: Rest

Tue 4/30: 4.1mi in 38min, 9:14 pace

Wed 5/1: 30min elliptical

Thur 5/2: Rest

Fri 5/3: 3.25mi in 30min, 9:13 pace

Sat 5/4: Rest

Sun 5/5: Sick

Mon – Wed: Recovering

Thur 5/9: 3mi in 30min, 9:57 pace. Ran with the FNRC.

Fri 5/10: Rest

Sat 5/11: 7mi in 1:09, 9:49 pace. Ignored my Garmin. Just wanted to get in a longer run.

Sun 5/12: 3.1 in 29min, 9:11 pace. 3 miles of kayaking in 2 hours.

Total miles: 20.5mi
Total time: 5hr 45min

Screen shot 2013-05-09 at 8.06.13 PM

Thursday with FNRC

I'm on a boat I guess this city is pretty

Chicago River with Urban Kayaks



  • We finally went kayaking! Haha. We bought a Google Offer last summer for Urban Kayaks, and put off making a reservation until the very last day of the 2012 season – and got rained out. We were able to use the voucher this year, before June 1, and today worked best for us. It was a bit chilly, but a lot of fun!! Our trip was about two hours, there were six other people plus two leaders, and we stopped a few times for a little Chicago history lesson. We did a tandem kayak and I’m glad we did – my husband is a lot stronger than me 🙂 My arms will still be pretty sore tomorrow. The Sailor enjoyed the kayaking so much as we were leaving he asked if they just do hourly rentals, and they do. They also do nighttime trips during the Navy Pier fireworks, which we might check out. (Sidenote: Being an Airman, and not a Seaman, The Sailor did not have an unfair advantage when it came to kayaking.) 
  • The Sailor and I are finally ready to flee the coop – we’re starting to look at apartments in Chicago. Right now we’re focusing on 2-bedrooms for $1200 or less, and we’re pretty flexible on the neighborhood – just walkable to an L stop that isn’t too far from downtown, and safe enough that I can head out for a solo run. We don’t have a deadline to move out, so we have time to adjust our criteria (look at 1-bedrooms, or look farther from the Loop) if we come up short. But if you know of anything (other than what is available on Craigslist, Domu, etc), tweet me @not_margaret.
  • I’ve decided not to run a make-up half marathon for the time being, and focus on training for Ragnar. I’ll save more elaborate thoughts for a future post.
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11 Comments on “Training, April 29 – May 12, and Urban Kayaks”

  1. That urban kayak looks interesting. I live a couple of blocks from the North Branch of the Chicago River and sometimes borrow a neighbor’s canoe. I haven’t made it all the way down to the Loop yet. Would be cool to watch the fireworks from a kayak!

  2. If I hear about any apartments, I’ll let you know. There is a 1 bedroom for $1000 in my building, and a great location near buses and brown line as well as lakefront path, but probably smaller than you are looking for.

  3. Yay! Good luck looking for apartments!

    I think kayaking is so fun! I would love to have a kayak someday (if I was sure I would actually get out and use it a lot!).

  4. I went kayaking for the first time in Hawaii, and I had a really great time! But my arms were SO sore for a few days after (to be fair, it was the only strength type exercise I had done in a few weeks!). I think it’d be really cool to watch the fireworks from a kayak!

    I’d been wondering what a taper week before a half might look like (my plan didn’t include one!) – is what you did (a couple shorter runs and a day of cross) pretty typical?

    1. I think tapering for a half depends on the runner. Your main goal is to feel well rested and fresh on race day. So, depending on your fitness level and the types of runs you have been doing throughout training, I would recommend for the week leading up to your race to do just “easy” runs, at comfortable distances, and no strength for the few days leading up to the race – you don’t want any muscle soreness, even in your arms. Some people like to do a “shakeout” run the day before a race, some people (like me) prefer to stay off their feet the day before. I’d say for your first half, stay off your feet as much as possible.

      1. I wouldn’t have thought about the strength part of it, so I’ll definitely keep that in mind. I rarely run on back-to-back days as it is (and I hurt myself the last time I did), so I had planned to take the day or two before my half off. Thanks for the advice!

  5. Beautiful shots of downtown! Sounds like you had a great time on your kayak tour. I’m assuming because the guide has a microphone in one of the shots that they talked about what you were seeing…did they? Good luck looking for apartments! Hope you find one soon so you can get away from your currently hellish commute. 🙂

    1. I think that microphone might actually be his life jacket. They did stop and talk about what we were seeing or tell a little Chicago history story throughout the tour. Also they did have radios to talk to the other boats on the river, because there were a few parts were we had to cross the river.

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