Training, April 8-14

Monday: Rest. It was the day after the Shamrock Shuffle, and my training plan said to go for a walk. I did enough walking during my commute.

Tuesday: 5.94mi in 55min, 9:15 pace. Plus planks, lunges, wall sits, glute raises.

Wednesday: 40 minutes of pool running. That was quite a workout! I did “intervals” – warm up to practice form, then 1:00 hard, 1:00 easy, 2:00 hard, 1:00 easy, 3:00 hard, etc, up to 5:00 hard and then back down.

Thursday: 4mi in 39 minutes, 9:42 pace. I made it to an FRNC group run! Haven’t done that in awhile. Of course I go the night we go out for post-run beers 🙂

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 10mi in 1:24:53, 8:30 pace. Quarryman Challenge.

Sunday: 2.52mi in 25 minutes, 9:55 pace. Recovery run. Plus planks, push-ups, wall sits, calf raises, glute raises, lunges.

Total Miles Running: 22.5
Total Mile Walking: 4.5
Total Time Working Out: 4hr, 44min

Screen shot 2013-04-11 at 10.10.41 PM



Saturday. Source


  • Saturday’s race was a big confidence boost for me. My half marathon PR pace is 8:41, so if I can run (not race) 10 miles of tough hills at an 8:30 pace, I know I definitely have a PR in me for the half. My goal pace is ~8:14, and I did hit a couple miles late in the race (that were flat or more downhill than uphill) that were under that pace (my last mile was sub-8), so I’m feeling good. I have three weeks to go. I’m getting excited. 
  • Being able to make it a group run on Thursday was awesome! Especially the post-run beers, haha. It was great to run with Susan (far right), who did her first 50 mile ultramarathon last Saturday. She’s a beast.
  • Pool running is a serious workout. Doing intervals in the pool could be a great substitue for speedwork. In fact, I think that’s exactly  what that was this week. I assume it was a “gentle” speed workout because I had a hilly race on Saturday. But it was still work! Almost broke a sweat, which you don’t often do in the pool.
  • Today is the Boston Marathon, and we’ll all be glued to our computers tracking our friends and elites working hard, of course. In honor of that, I’d like to put my Boston plans out there:


In the meantime, my Boston plans will be limited to visiting my favorite Boston transplant (if I can ever afford another vacation):


With Vera (aka Coach) in Marblehead, MA, which I recently learned is where Shalane Flanagan went to high school.

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5 Comments on “Training, April 8-14”

  1. Looks like we both got a confidence boost from our Saturday races. Whats your goal half? I’m undecided between one of my spring halfs or Chicago Half in September while I’m in the middle of marathon training. All I know is running a 9:33 pace running through that goop and water on Saturday for 20K, plus my prior unplanned half PR earlier this spring means I’m ready to rock at some point. Sounds like you are too.

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