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Best Run Ever

Finishing the Chicago Marathon was certainly awesome – the best tour of Chicago that I’ve ever had, plus finishing a marathon was a huge accomplishment for me. Crushing my half marathon PR at the Sunburst Half last summer was one hour and fifty three minutes of bliss. So, I think those are tied for the best. Other awesome runs – the 2011 Soldier Field 10 was the first “long” race where I felt great and finished strong. And the first time I ever ran double digits (April 2010) felt great too.

8064049663_9fd6791e0f Screen shot 2012-06-05 at 8.15.51 PM 320299_217379641650424_2797226_n

Chicago Marathon & Sunburst Half & Soldier Field 10

Three Words That Describe My Running

Never Stop Improving. That is why I run. Yes, I enjoy it, it’s great therapy, and socially it’s a way to spend time with friends. But what really drives me is improving, and pushing myself to find out what I can achieve.

My Go-To Running Outfit

Anything that doesn’t chafe. I love tight-fitting shorts. Some call them compression shorts, but I don’t mean like muscle recovery compression. I mean like bike shorts. Form fitting. Long enough so I don’t need Body Glide. And I do love my Fast Women shirts. (By the way, you can still buy your own and I will still donate the money to the American Cancer Society.)

Screen shot 2012-10-26 at 2.11.07 PM ShamShuf_me_fastwomen

Quirky Habit While Running

Um, turbo boosters? Snot rockets? Just normal runner stuff.

Morning, Mid-day or Evening

During the week, evening. I already have to get up at 5am to get to work on time without a pre-work workout, and I prefer to run outside, personally I’m not doing that at 4am. On the weekends, unless I’m going to a group run, I just try to run at the best time – during the winter that’s late morning or mid-day, when it’s warmest. Otherwise, in the morning, after a good night’s rest.

I Won’t Run Outside When It’s … 

Unsafe to do so. If it’s cold, I’ll bundle up, but if it’s so cold they are opening emergency warming shelters? I’m not trying to get frost bite. And if it’s icy and I can’t find a safe route, I don’t want to break my leg. And of course if there is lightning or a tornado warning, that’s just stupid. As for heat, I’ve run in 90-degree temps, but I guess I would take it indoors if it broke 100.

wpid-2012-07-16-19.29.52.jpg Screen shot 2013-01-09 at 5.11.48 PM

Hot & Cold

Worst Injury, and How I Got Over It

Knock on wood, I’ve never been injured by running. I’ve had some aches and pains that went away with good stretching and an extra rest day or five, and I turned my ankle during an obstacle race (due to an obstacle), and stayed off of it and it healed. The only time I’ve truly been injured due to sports was from soccer. I sprained my wrist (another player maybe 10 feet away kicked the ball and it went straight into my wrist), so that just required a brace for a few days.

I Felt Most Like a Badass Runner When

My super fast co-worker and veteran runner (and coach of the local fast running club) started talking to me like a fellow runner and complimenting my race times. Also, during the last few miles of the Chicago Marathon, a DetermiNation coach ran with me for a block or two, and said I look great, I’ve must have done this before. He was surprised when I told him it was my first marathon.

Running Goal for 2013

Beating the time from my first half marathon by an hour. (Goal = 1:48)

Next Race

First Midwest Half Marathon in Palos Heights on May 5. Third anniversary of my first 13.1.

Palos Half 3 Palos Half 4 Palos Half 2

2010 Palos Half aka Southwest Half aka First Midwest Half, aka The Race Time I Want to Crush

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