Training, Feb 18-24

A little late…

Monday: 2.8mi in 32min, 11:33 pace. Chicago Marathon Kick-off Event.

Tuesday: 4.13mi in 36, 8:48 pace. Aimed for what felt like half marathon effort. Also, it was cold. And I think windy.

Wednesday: 30 mins of weights at the gym. I was feeling blah so I cut it short.

Thursday: 3mi in 26 min, 8:47 pace and 4mi in 40min, 9:57 pace. My first running double.

Friday: 3.33mi in 36 min, 10:50 pace. Snowy and I stopped to take pictures.

Saturday: 2.62mi in 29min, 10:54 pace. Beer run!

Sunday: Rest

Total miles: 20
Total time: 3hr 50min

Dathan Ritzenhein Untitled Half Acre Beer Company Chicago

Monday; Friday; Saturday


  • Even though I ran 6 times, my weekly mileage is a little low. I wanted to do a long run on Sunday, but had other stuff going on and skipped it. I rationalized Thursday’s double, which totaled 7 miles, as my long run. 
  • Tuesday’s “half marathon effort” and Thursday’s easy run #1 were at the same pace. I blame Tuesday’s wind and cold temps.
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