Chicago Running Bloggers First Beer Run

Alternate title: The time I was forced to drink 3 pints of beer in one hour and then shushed (to put it nicely) by one of the brewmasters. 

Saturday morning (slash afternoon) was the Chicago Running Bloggers First Beer Run. Hopefully because we called it the first, there will be many more. Because it was a lot of fun! Katie and Anne organized it.

Chicago Running Bloggers

Standing: Bob, Anne, Pete, Cary, Bobbi, Kim, Me, Maureen; Crouching: Erin, Katie, Sara

We started off with a “3” mile run around the North Center neighborhood of Chicago (my group got lost and did 2.6mi), and then got in line shortly after 10am for a tour at Half Acre Beer Company. Unfortunately we were still in our running clothes and the temps were in the mid-20s, and a little bit windy, and they wouldn’t let us in until 11am. It was good that we got there early, because a long lined formed pretty quickly, but if you go, I recommend bundling up. We got pretty cold standing in line, and now I feel like Kramer.

Half Acre Beer Company Chicago

The tour was $10 and you get a pint glass and 3 tokens. Which you can exchange for 3 pints of whatever they have on tap. And the tour is only an hour or so long.

I’ll be honest, I don’t normally drink 3 pints of craft beer in one sitting, so to try to drink that in a little over an hour … we may have gotten a little, er, chatty.

Screen shot 2013-02-23 at 6.12.13 PM

My apologizes to our fellow tour-goers who were actually trying to pay attention to the tour after our second (and third) round was poured. Maybe doing the talk first, THEN the beer would have been a better format? Oh well! We had fun!

I tried the Alpenglow Winter Dark Ale, Space India Pale Ale, and the Daisy Cutter Pale Ale. I’ve been on a dark beer kick lately, so I really enjoyed the Alpenglow. And I’m starting to come around to Pale Ales, so I also enjoyed Space and Daisy Cutter.

After the tour, we headed across the street to The Bad Apple for some delicious burgers. I must have still been buzzed when I ordered, because I went with their veggie burger (apparently I’m a HLB when I’m drunk, who knew). However, it was delicious.

Afterward, some of us headed back to Half Acre (because we hadn’t made enough of a ruckus earlier??) to buy some growlers. I went with the Alpenglow, so now I have something to bring to my brother and sis-in-law’s Oscars Party on Sunday night.

Thanks to Anne and Pete for the pictures!

Half Acre Beer Company Chicago

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31 Comments on “Chicago Running Bloggers First Beer Run”

  1. Erin told me about waiting in the cold! Ugh! The only almost bad part of the day!

    Awesome that you guys had so much fun you got in trouble! Hee hee!

    Ooo! Am I healthy now, since I eat veggie burgers?! 😛

      1. LOL! I was looking at the menu when I thought I might be able to make it to lunch and was wondering about the burger! I wonder if it had egg in it. Nom nom nom.

  2. How can they expect you not to talk after 3 pints of beer?? How fun! I need to try to crash the party next time you have one of these. I’ll run my mouth too and take some of the attention away from you.

  3. I’m so envious of your ability to form complete sentences and write this last night – I was so worn out! Who knew running and drinking and eating and drinking some more would do that?

    Yesterday was so much fun! You guys are all a blast to hang out with! I’m glad you were all able to find your way to the beer, even if our guide lost you (yesterday was, by the way, Bob’s first social run ever, but he’ll be ready for the next one!).

    1. I ended up in the “in-between” group with Erin, Sara, Bobbi and Cary. We all admitted that we just “glanced” at the map you shared! Luckily since Chicago is a grid, it’s not too hard to find your way.

      I was SUPER tired last night. Once I got home, all I had energy for was writing this post, eating some dinner, and watching Netflix (Disc 1 of Girls). I had so many other things that I wanted to get done but didn’t have the energy for.

    1. I’m not sure, but I know we’re starting to toss out ideas! I guess the next one will be whenever someone volunteers to plan it? I’m trying to think through logistics for hosting one down “south” near Flossmoor Station or Three Floyds. But if there is another brewery you are familiar with … feel free to toss out a date and start planning! 🙂

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