Review: Injinji Performance 2.0

Three years ago, when I was training for my first half marathon, I asked BFF Ultra Vera for advice on what to wear during my runs. One of the things she recommended was Injinji toe socks. She picked up a pair at a race expo and loved them. Given that she is Ultra Vera, I trusted her recommendation and ordered a pair. And I loved them too! I started with just one pair, which I would save for my races and long runs, and eventually started growing my collection. I counted last night and I’m up to about 20 pairs of Injinji socks. How did that happen? (I would enter every blog giveaway and would also stock up whenever I came across a deal … and here we are.)

Untitled nike cyclone vapor running jacket

Socks pictured above are pairs I purchased myself from their original line.

So what’s with the toes? I think a lot of people initially reject Injinji socks because of that. I know I’ve tried novelty toe socks in the past and wasn’t a fan. These are not the same. I find the toe separation to be really comfortable, in fact I prefer it. (Hence the 20 pairs that I own.) Also there is something about Injinji socks that keeps my feet nice and toasty in the winter (once I start running), but they don’t overheat in the summer. I guess that’s the “performance” aspect of it.

Injinji is starting to roll out their Performance 2.0 line. According to their web site, it is currently available at REI and Road Runner Sports. I was able to try out a few pairs after winning a giveaway from Running and Rambling. Injinji sent me a pair of their regular running socks, a couple pairs of “trail” socks, and a pair of compression socks.

Compression and toe separation all in one? #runnerd heaven. Thanks @injinji

I was most excited about the compression socks. I have actually been eyeing their compression socks for awhile, but their first version of compression socks had mixed reviews, so I wasn’t willing to drop $40 on them. So far I’ve worn the 2.0 compression socks for an 8-mile training run and also during the F^3 Lake Half Marathon.

Verdict? They are great. As good as the other compression socks/sleeves I own, which so far includes Zensah sleeves and Running Skirts RunLove socks. But the bonus for me is these include the toe separation I love, so these will probably be my preferred style of compression socks. I know a lot of people rave about ProCompression and CEP, but I have yet to win a pair in a giveaway try those. Anyway, Injinji tells me that their compression socks will be available in some “awesome new colors.” Because we all know if you’re going to wear knee socks while running, they have to be a bright obnoxious color.

I’ve also tried out their regular running socks and their trail socks, and like them both. I normally wear the “original weight,” but have also tried their lightweight and midweight socks from the original line. The ones they sent were midweight, so the thickest they offer, which is nice this time of year. (Although I’ve never had trouble keeping my feet warm in any weight.)

Note: This post also included a giveaway which is now closed. 

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54 Comments on “Review: Injinji Performance 2.0”

  1. Sweet!! I’ve seen those socks on a couple of blogs and have wanted to try them. I would wear black compression socks. Boring? Perhaps. But black just matches everything so I could wear them more often 😉

  2. I have often thought about trying injinji socks simply because of the toes. I have orange compression socks, and I love them. I love the colors. Super fun! Thanks for doing the giveaway!

    1. oops! forgot the color question – I only have one pair (the green ones we got for zooma) but I’d love some obnoxiously bright pink ones. Or orange. But bright is a must 🙂

  3. I adore Injinji. I’ve been growing my collection steadily since I started running last year. I have the 1.0 compression socks in black and love them. But I actually REALLY need a white pair (to wear as part of my Princess Half Marathon costume) just like your pictured. I never attempted to run further than 3 miles without a pair of Injinjis, and I don’t want to start now. — So I hope I win! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  4. Thanks for hosting this giveaway! I only have the green pair of RunLove compression socks from our ZOOMA weekend, plus a pair of white sleeves – so I’m up for any new bright color! But I would love turquoise or argyle!

  5. I have always been intrigued by these, and in general, trust your opinion on running gear! I think the tealish colors are cute, and hard to find in general as a sock color! So props to them for having it!

  6. I have never purchased anything besides shoes specifically to make running a better experience, not even performance clothes. Yes, Mags, I am still running in cotton in order to save money. That said, compression socks in stripes would probably compell me to buy a pair of shorts and stop running in long pants in the middle of summer.

    It feels weird to enter a giveaway on your blog, Mags, I am usually just your IRL friend and internet lurker lol

  7. I only have the small no-show injinji, but I love them! My only complaint is poking out every toe when they come out of the wash. I have been using them for spinning too and they make all the difference. I only have while compression socks, so I am looking for black. Slimming, right?

  8. I always wanted to try these out! But I’m so broke haha. So I def want in on the giveaway.
    my favorite color for socks is always bright pink or a turquoise (like your shoes!)

  9. So cool! I’ve only tried one pair, but I’ve loved them for helping my blisters disappear and not reappear. And I love the fun socks with patterns and stripes, but for practical/match-everything purposes, I like black compression socks the most.

  10. Hey! I have a pair that I wear with my Vibram 5-Fingers but I’ve never tried them when I run – I’ll give it a whirl the next time I have a shorter run planned. My favorite color of compression socks/sleeves? I’d have to say neon yellow!

  11. Ooh, I want to win! These socks were recommended to me so long ago but I’m lazy about buying stuff, so this would be so much easier 🙂 Since I have no compression socks, any color would be nice, but I think I’d like green or purple to go with my bright blue shoes.

  12. I would love to win toe socks because I’m scared to try them! Also, my compression sleeves are boring black but I do love pink:)

  13. I’d love to win. I’ve been using the injinji’s more and more for my runs. So far, all I have are the black ones. I wouldn’t mind another color, but not orange since people already think I’m enough of a dweeb. Thanks !

  14. I tried a pair of mini crew Injinji socks in October when they had the spectacular $6 pink sale, and I loooove them! I can never have enough blue running apparel, so I would definitely buy a pair of Injinjis in cobalt blue if they made them. I also like Luz’s suggestion of turquoise and a few others’ mention of purple! 🙂
    Thanks for offering this neat giveaway, Maggie & Injinji!

  15. I would very much like to win. Although not intentionally done, nearly all my running gear is purple, so I clearly need some purple compression socks! But my favorite color is blue, so that would be my ideal choice.

  16. I’d love a chance to win these socks! My favorites are bright pink or green. I don’t have orange either, I’d love those:)

  17. The last time I wore toe socks was in 6th grade and they were rainbow striped! I’d love a chance to win & try them again! My favorite color would probably be the bright pink & green! I don’t have green!

  18. I’ve not tried compression socks yet, but i just started running half marathons last year. I’ve been reading so much about how beneficial compression is to recovery, so i’d love a pair! Red would be fun!

  19. I love to try new things (as you know) and would love black to slim my big old calves. I can’t actually wear knee highs though b/c of stupid blood clot so if I do win those I will pay them forward 🙂

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