An anniversary, of sorts

I’ve been writing in this blog since 2008. When it started, it wasn’t a running blog. It wasn’t even It was just a … “this is what’s going on in my life” blog. Which I guess it still sort of is, I just focus a lot on the running part of it.

My first post about running was on January 17, 2009. And wouldn’t you know, it was about how I preferred running outside, in the cold and the snow, over the treadmill. I guess some things don’t change. (My second post about running came almost a year later.)

So, what’s happened in the four years since my first running post?

I started training for my first half marathon. During week four of half marathon training, I wrote: So far this year, I have run 22.85 miles. Not too bad.

Four weeks into half marathon training, and I had run an average of fewer than 6 miles per week? Yikes. Looking at Hal Higdon’s Novice 1 Half Marathon training plan (which I assume I was following), I should have ran close to 50 miles total by that point. Even when I’m not actively training for a race, I try to hit at least 20 miles/week. It’s safe to say that I’ve kicked it up a notch.

I survived my first half marathon (barely). Since then I have run:

  • 17 5K’s
  • 7 more half marathons (including one that was 55 minutes faster than my very first half)
  • 1 full marathon
  • 9 other races between 5K and half marathon

That makes 34 races total.

I got over my nerves and showed up at group runs and joined a running club. I’ve made tons of great running friends in the past couple years.

I’ve achieved things I didn’t think I could (most of my PR’s, and running a freaking marathon).

Sometimes I wonder why the heck I keep this blog at all. (Really, who cares?) Many days, I feel like it is mostly just for me, to look back on what I’ve done. Although I could certainly document this stuff in a journal (and I’m trying to get better about writing in my paper journal more often) or through private documents on Google Drive. But it’s also fun to share the journey with others.

How did your running journey begin? (Mine began when Vera suggested I sign up for a local half marathon to motivate me to stick to running.)

Why did you decide to start blogging? (I just like to connect with people online, I guess. I started my first blog in October 2000 when I was a college freshman.) 

Scenic 5K

Don’t know if this was 2005 or 2006, but it’s one of the very first races we ever did. We ran a local 5K on Labor Day. And then we didn’t do another race until 2010.

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15 Comments on “An anniversary, of sorts”

  1. Blogging? Definitely for the community. I love talking about running, thinking about running, preparing race plans and schedules, etc… So, it only made sense that I start a blog. I have been blogging for about 6 weeks and I LOVE it!! I am impressed that you have been blogging since 2000 🙂

  2. I started running because I needed something to keep me motivated after retiring from skating. I started blogging so my donors could follow me as I trained for my first full marathon. I keep blogging to hold myself accountable and for the friends!

  3. I often wonder the same questions. Sometimes I think I’ll just stop and make my blog super private.

    But then I would miss all of you. I love when I get to see you IRL but blogging makes me feel like I get to see you all the time.

  4. Well happy anniversary. Looks like running has come a long way for you! Glad you made it into the running blogosphere. Sometimes I can figure out why the heck I blog about running, especially when my running is going nowhere. But like you, it’s a log for myself to track progress and be able to look back and remember all those things that have become cloudy in the mind with time.

    Cheers to another year full of many blessed miles!

  5. As a former soccer player, I was always “running” but there was a ball involved, or running would be part of a conditioning program for the season. But after college once I joined the “real world,” was when I jumped into serious running and trained for my first half marathon (Chicago Rock & Roll) in 2009. It was a wonderful experience!

    That’s awesome that you’ve been blogging for this long! I just started my blog in Sept 2012 (but started making regular posts at the start of 2013 for the most part.) I always wonder if I am going to run out of things to talk about, but something always seems to pop up that I can blog about! I think blogs are great as a training tool to help track and reflect on your running, and a great place for support and encouragement. Keep up the great work!

  6. I started running when I graduated from high school and realized that I wouldn’t have high school sports to keep me in shape. I started slow, just running 2 miles a few days a week but I loved it so much that I kept increasing the distance and frequency.

    I started blogging a little over a year ago to meet and connect with other people. I’d lived in Chicago for over a year and was having a hard time making friends, blogging really helped with that!

  7. Happy anniversary!

    I specifically don’t count my races cuz this could be information which hubby could hold against me in a court of law, if it ever came to that. If he wants that info, let him go dig it up himself. 🙂

    Great job! You’ve come a long way and I hope you are super proud!

  8. Happy anniversary, my friend!

    My running itch started when I threw out the idea of a 5k as a NY resolution. My cousin heard me say it and locked me in. That was in… 2009? I think it helped that I had just moved here and was looking for new hobbies and ways to get out and about in Chicago…

  9. Happy Anniversary-ish! I know I blog mostly for myself but have enjoyed reading and meeting other people with similar interest. I’m certainly not doing it for the money or fame 🙂

  10. All that ultimately matters is that you feel you’re getting something out of the blog! We’re just here to enjoy the ride with you 🙂 Surprisingly, my running mojo came about randomly after I graduated from college in May of 2011. I went for a walk with my mom and it turned into a 2 mile run. Running blogs only starting (positively) influencing my running in early 2012 when I signed up for my 8K and half marathon!

  11. I love this!!! It is amazing to go back and read through everything that you’ve accomplished over the years. Your progress has been ASTOUNDING and continues to inspire me everytime I read about it. Happy blogiversary!!!

    Don’t laugh but I first started running for the first time ever when I was in high school. My boyfriend at the time had just broken up with me. I was angry and wanted to get into killer shape to show him what he had given up. So I started running. And somewhere along the way to trying to show up an ex-boyfriend, I started to enjoy it. Granted, I’ve taken some hiatuses along the way – but that timeperiod way back when was my very first introduction to the sport. Funny how these things work, eh?

    1. Haha that kind of reminds me of my own story. One of my boyfriends in college was really into working out, but in the beefcake sort of way (weights, protein shakes, etc). It was pretty easy for me to stay pretty skinny when I was younger (until I started working a desk job), so when he dated me, I was definitely slender. But he made this comment like “you look so good … but imagine what you’d look like if you worked out regularly.” WTF, right? Pretty obvious why he’s an ex! Anyway, now that I’m all into running and working out (and not purely motivated by how it will make me look, but rather by how it feels), I bet he would be pretty impressed by how I look. The funny thing is my husband likes me better when I’m a little curvier. But, I like running.

  12. I started running by accident. I just wanted to see if my pathetic, asthmatic self could at least manage a mile. I’m still a SLOW runner, but I’m happy that I can run!

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