December in Numbers and Photos

Races: 1
PR’s: 1

Jingle Bell 5K


Miles ran: 104
Time spent working out: 20hr, 43min

Gift grab bags participated in: 6 (Work, bloggers, friends, running club, in laws, my family)

Christmas trees photographed: 7

Macy's 900 N Michigan Shops Hotel Intercontinental

Hancock Building Christkindlmarket Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012

In order: Macy’s, 900 N Michigan, Hotel Intercontinental, John Hancock Center, Christkindlmarket, my parents’ tree, my in-laws’ tree


December’s goals:

Work out every day from Thanksgiving to New Years. Fail. I did work out 34 out of 40 days, I ran 139.5 miles and worked out for 30.5 hours. So that’s still pretty good in my opinion.

Bring lunch to work every day. Done! I only work in the office 3 days/week (and from home 2 days/week), so it wasn’t as hard as if I work in the office every weekday. But still, it is a vast improvement over my previous habit of buying lunch pretty much everyday.

No frivolous spending. (By my own definition of “frivolous”.) I’m going to count this as “done.” There were a couple things I bought that were frivolous (a neck warmer and nail polish), but combined they were under $10, so this is a vast improvement over previous habits of going crazy buying stuff just because it’s cheap. (Target and were my biggest weaknesses.)

January’s goal: 

Check out Piloxing at the gym. This class has been on the group fitness schedule for awhile, and I’ve wanted to check it out, but it conflicted with my usual Thursday night group run. The class has moved to Tuesdays, so now it doesn’t conflict with any group runs or other classes that I like.


Did you have a good New Years Eve? We went to a dinner party with friends. It included delicious food & wine pairings. Wow … I’m old. 

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4 Comments on “December in Numbers and Photos”

  1. I love the Christmas trees photographed metric! My new year’s eve was pretty chill, celebrated at a friend’s house with good food & some beverage (although perhaps my closest to sober NYE yet).

  2. Yay for a wonderful December! I agree with Pete that any month with a PR is automatically going to be good. =D Happy New Year to you and I can’t wait to see what greatness 2013 has in store for you!!!!!

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