Training, Dec 3-9

Monday: 4.7mi in 42 minutes, 9:01 pace, fartleks.

Tuesday: 4.35mi in 40 minutes, 9:17 pace, easy.

Wednesday: 3.33mi in 31 minutes, 9:22 pace, easy.
Pilates-Yoga class at the gym.

Thursday: 4mi in 37 minutes, 9:25 pace, easy run with the FNRC.

Friday: 9.53mi in 1:31, 9:33 pace. Wanted to get my long run in on Friday so my legs were rested for Sunday’s 5K.

Saturday: 1600m in 48 minutes – swimming.

Sunday: 3.1mi in 22:16! New 5K PR! I also did a 0.15mi “warm up” which was really just running in the rain back to the race site after ditching my warm clothes in the car.

Total Miles: 30 (29 running, 1 swimming)
Total Time: 6hr, 15min


Thursday, Sunday


  • Obviously the highlight of my week was the 5K PR.
  • My next races are a very local 5K on Jan 20, and the F^3 Half Marathon on Jan 26. As long as it’s not icy on raceday, I”m ready to kill it, “it” being my half marathon PR. As for the 5K … that’s a short enough distance that I can race it and still race the half marathon six days later, right? Or should I just use the 5K as a tempo run? Help me, internets.

Also, I didn’t take enough photos over the weekend to do a weekend shots post. Here is the one photo I took:


The Salt Creek Ballet performing the Nutcracker at the Center for Performing Arts at Governors State University.

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7 Comments on “Training, Dec 3-9”

  1. I would say you can race the 5k as long as your weekly speed workout equates to somewhere around 3.1 miles. It’s not exactly the same scenario, but I ran my half marathon PR only two weeks after my 5k PR. When your fitness is peaking, you can’t be stopped!

    1. Thanks, good to know! I was thinking I would just use it as that week’s speed workout and I won’t be doing a long run that weekend. Did I see on someone else’s post (maybe Kelly’s?) that you’re doing the F3?

      1. Yes, Kelly is actually the one who told me about the F3 (post-race at the Hot Chocolate). I am excited to be racing a half in January. I guess I’ll see you there!

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