Training, Nov 19-25

Monday: Rest. In the best way possible – with a 75-minute deep tissue & hot stone massage. Thank you, Groupon. I needed that.

Tuesday: 6 mi in 53 minutes, 8:49 pace. Did a tempo run (1 mile warm-up, 4 miles tempo, 1 mi cool down). The tempo miles were “comfortably hard” and ran by heart rate. Resulting pace was 8:10 for those miles.

Wednesday: Rest. Went to dinner after work with BFFs Vera and Scott instead.

Thursday: 4.55mi in 44 minutes, 9:41 pace. Some easy miles before stuffing my face with dinner. And then stuffing my face again with dessert.

Friday: Swimming laps, 1200m in 40 minutes. Wanted to do something (especially after Thursday’s gorge-fest), but nothing that would wear out my legs or lead to soreness, so swimming it was.

Saturday: Beverly Turkey Trot! 3.1mi in 22:54, 7:22 pace, new PR! Also did a pre-race warm-up of 1.02mi in 9:23, 9:11 pace.

Sunday: 9.15mi in 1:40, 10:57 pace. Wanted to do a long run (goal was 7-8 miles, but it was such a nice day), but after yesterday’s PR, my legs wanted to go easy. Even brought my phone with to take pictures, which further slowed me down.

Total miles: 23.8
Total time: 4hr 29min



  • I’m still surprised that I PR’d. I’m doing the F^3 Half Marathon at the end of January, and of course I want to PR, but I’ve been wondering how much speed I could get back post-marathon. Now I’m ready to CRUSH IT.
  • My long runs have been feeling kind of sluggish lately. Maybe it’s because for the past two weekends, I’ve done a really hard run the day before my long run. I hope that’s it. Or maybe I’ll get really good at running on “tired” legs and this will pay off.
  • I didn’t do any strength OR yoga this week. Oops. But I did cross training! So there’s that. And I’m sure the massage had benefits for running.
  • I noticed that my gym swimsuit is getting old. It’s “reversible” (double lined – purple on one side, black on the other). It looks like the elastic on the purple side is starting to get shot. How do you buy a new swimsuit in November? This is they type of purchase I prefer to try on first (and what a fun process that is). Sports Authority had some options, but the only “athletic” suits they had in stock were too small. I did find the same suit one size up on eBay, so maybe that’s my solution.
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  1. Once I figured out my size, I only buy swimsuits online, it’s much easier! is the website for a local swimming company based in Zion. They are a little more expensive than, but if you prefer the local shop I’ve been very happy with shipping. You could always order a few sizes and return what doesn’t fit! I found, for Speedo and Tyr, that if i uses the measurements on the size chart I need to go up one size to be comfortable. It’s cyber Monday, you might find free shipping!

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