October in Numbers and Pictures

Total Races: Two – Chicago Marathon and ZOOMA Great Lakes 5K

I can honestly say that I enjoyed every single mile. Thank you all for your support!

Fast women at #zooma #crbzooma with @looplooks

Total PRs: One. Automatic PR for the marathon, and it was also a personal distance record.

Total Miles: 90
Total Time Worked out: 19hr, 2min

Total Elites Met: Two – Desi Davila and Sara Hall

Meeting Desi Davila!

Meeting Sara Hall at @zoomarun #zooma #crbzooma

Girls Weekends: One

Books read: Zero. Whoops. I didn’t even start any books. I have a hard enough time keeping up with all these running magazines.

Favorite search terms for October:

  • teach me the way a football game works [boy did Google fail you on that one]
  • cool overalls for women [spoiler: none]
  • gingerbread oreos [TELL ME MORE]
  • is it ok to wear overalls in public [not in 2012]
  • wearing everything but pants [sounds comfy]
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8 Comments on “October in Numbers and Pictures”

    1. I think the overalls came from the post I did about my nose job. I was wearing overalls in one of the pictures (which was taken in 2000) and I think the caption said something about them.

  1. You’ve left out a couple things of importance, I will help you.

    New dance moves: 1
    Bagels consumed during girls weekend: 5 dozen
    New friends: Me!
    Bragging Moments: 2…finishing a marathon, and 2nd place at Zooma
    Recipes created: “Oatmeal” and “pasta & sauce”
    Pieces of “fun” sized candy consumed: 5 million

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