Training, Oct 1-7

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 3.1mi in 30 minutes, 9:40 pace.

Wednesday: Pilates-Yoga class at the gym. Did all the “easy” versions of the poses/exercises … didn’t want any muscle soreness for Sunday. Also, realized how much I’ve been slacking on core work. Oops.

Thursday AM: Yoga class. Felt sooo good.
Thursday PM: 2mi in 19 minutes, 9:41 pace. Ran with the FNRC. It was raining, so I was glad to have a short run on the schedule.

Friday: 2.16mi in 24 minutes, 10:54 pace. Brooks fun run at the Chicago Marathon expo.

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 26.2 miles!!!! in 4:55:45, 11:17 pace. In case you missed it, I ran the Chicago Marathon 🙂

Total miles: 33
Total time: 7h, 8min

Brooks Fun Run


  • During my Running Sucks period of marathon training, I questioned why anyone would do more than one marathon. But running the Chicago Marathon was such an awesome experience, especially for “locals” – this is an amazing way to experience this city. I still cannot believe it was 26 miles of almost solid spectators. Xaarlin has a pretty neat slideshow on her blog, go check it out if you haven’t see it. Now I understand why some people do this race year after year, instead of checking out other marathons. Unless I was specifically going for a BQ (like when I’m 50), I don’t know how you could top this race. (Similarly, I doubt I’ll ever have a chance to run the NYC Marathon.)
  • Now that the marathon is over, I plan to write a review of CARA Summer Marathon Training, in case anyone is interested. Stay tuned for a future post, but let me know if there is anything you are curious about.
  • I went back and checked my 2012 goals, and I’ve already achieved all of my running goals for 2012. I have three more races this year (ZOOMA [probably doing the 5K instead of the half] on 10/20, Chicago’s Perfect 10 [mile] on 11/10 and a Turkey Trot 5K on 11/24). I’m not really sure how I’m going to “train” for any of them. Obviously my focus right now is on resting. I’m doing the F^3 Half at the end of January, so that might be the next race I train for. In the meantime, I need to focus on core/strength work. Once I’m no longer sore from the marathon. (Still hurts to walk down stairs.)
  • Speaking of which, other than expected muscle soreness (mostly in my quads, a little bit in my shoulders yesterday, and none in my calves, so I think the compression sleeves really do help), I had no chafing and only found one blister (which was not bothersome) as a result of the marathon. So … training runs are also good for training you where to apply Body Glide.
  • How long do you wait after a marathon to run again? I’ve heard one day for every mile, but is that ANY running, or just anything other than an easy run?
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8 Comments on “Training, Oct 1-7”

  1. I typically wait a week depending on how my body feels.
    Still jealous of your wall to wall spectators! So different for me this year! My friends thought so too! Anyone else in wave 2 feel that way?

  2. My Chicago experience was fairly lightly spectated, between miles fourteen and 22 (even Chinatown!), but 38 and drizzle wasn’t exactly good spectating weather (2006).

    I have tried different waiting periods before starting to run again. What worked, and was the only way that didn’t result in an injury, was when my coach put me on a walk-run schedule that was more walk than run until two or three days after I said my legs felt great. And that was two to three weeks. Don’t rush into it, you will feel ready before you actually are!

    I always have marathon envy at this time of year…but not in July and August when the hard miles are going down. 😉

  3. Congrats on finishing all of your running goals for the year. I am itching to get running again, but am just hitting the pool right now. I think it is helping me to recover more quickly. Maybe I will run again on Saturday, depending on how I feel. I’ve heard about that one day per mile thing, but there is no way I could wait 26.2 days to run again, especially since I’m not injured (I think)!

  4. But if you don’t do the half you won’t get the necklace!!! 😛

    I think that one day for every mile thing is kind of bogus. It depends on how you feel. After my first two I ran three days later. The next day for my third. I took a week off after my fourth (vacay!) and ran two days after my ultra. It’s different for everyone!

    I hope you get a chance to run NYC someday! 🙂

  5. I can’t wait to hear your CARA Marathon Training Program thoughts. I was debating back and forth this year on whether or not to train with CARA – and ultimately decided not to. But I am considering changing things up next year.

    See you at ZOOMA in less than two weeks!

  6. I agree with Emily and look forward to reading your review of CARA’s marathon training. I did Beginning Running with them last winter, and while I realize the programs are vastly different, it would be great to get your perspective on their marathon program. I’m hoping to run the Chicago Marathon next year and am already investigating training plans.

    Congrats on completing your 2012 running goals!!

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