A Number of Things

I saw a kick-ass rainbow yesterday. This picture doesn’t do it justice.


Recently, I went back to working from home part-time, and am now doing two days a week at home. It helps that I now have my own “office.” Before, my husband and I sort of shared a computer desk, but it was always covered in his crap, so I would just use our bed as my “desk.” Recently, my parents moved their old computer desk from the dining room up into the third bedroom, which is just kind of an extra room for things like my dresser of running clothes, and a drying rack, and a TV with my husband’s PlayStation 530 [or whatever number they are up to], and the ironing board, etc. Now I feel like I have my own space where I can mentally “go to work.” Pretty sure that chair is supposed to go with a woman’s vanity table, but whatever.


Right now I am sharing the desk space with the old computer (my parents have a newer Mac) until they figure out what to do with it. (When asked why they still have it, my mom said because she likes one of the solitare games on it. I tried to explain that she could probably find a comparable game on the internet.)

You may notice a weird box in the corner (yes, that is a picture of a raccoon on it). That box holds our wrapping paper, and I think it just never got put away after last Christmas. Anyway, the box originally held a “Live Animal Cage Trap,” and belonged to my in-law’s, who live in the middle of nowhere. So much so that when we were driving to their house last night for dinner, we missed a turn and had to drive a quarter-mile down the road to find somewhere to turn around.

Moving on.

Tomorrow is Fort2Base. I’m really excited – I really enjoyed this race last year! I mentioned in a previous post that I only ran a combined total of 32 miles in the 4 weeks before the race, so I think my legs were fresh, the weather was nice, it was a new place for me to run, a well-done race, and there were lots of cute young sailors in uniform serving as course marshals. Even though it’s not my goal race, I’m still hoping for a PR because I have improved so much since last fall, and this:

I am at such a loss for how to dress. What am I supposed to wear? Shorts? Capris? Tights??? Olive is not providing any help with this decision.


I feel like I forgot everything I learned about cold-weather running last winter, but the problem is, my body isn’t used to cold temps, so I can’t exactly wear what I was wearing in March and expect my body to feel the same. But I was texting with Kelly earlier, and she said she ran this morning in similar temps, and wore capris and arm warmers. So I think I’ll go with that. #FirstWorldRunnerProblems

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7 Comments on “A Number of Things”

  1. As a brand new runner I definitely don’t have advice on what to wear in chilly temps, but thank you for starting the conversation – because now I want some arm warmers!

  2. I hope your race went well!! I really wanted to run the Fort2Base race but my sis and I ended up registering for a race that took place right outside her apartment. What did you end up wearing? I’m finding it sort of challenging to dress myself accordingly for the cooler weather! Speaking of weather, wasn’t it perfect out today? It definitely beats running in 90+ degree temps 🙂

    Can’t wait to read your race recap!

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