The Chicago Glo Run: Late Night Six

Last night I ran my first 6K. And my first night (not evening) race. And my first race covered in glow sticks and body paint. And … I think those were all of my firsts.

The Glo Run is a new race by All Community Events, another option in a long line of “fun” races. I wasn’t really interested in doing the Color Run and I’m not a fan of obstacle course races (like Warrior Dash, which is this weekend in the Chicago area), but I was really excited to do The Glo Run as soon as I saw it online. Maybe it has something to do with coming of age in the 90s what with techno music and raves (not that I ever went to a rave).

Genevieve and I registered, and one of her college buddies, Melanie, ended up joining us at the last minute. The race was technically sold out, but they were still letting people pay for a shirt and glow stuff and letting them run without a bib (and timing). When we got there, we ran into Nicole and her friends in the parking garage. Nicole is a beast – she also ran the Warrior Dash yesterday.

Gen, me, Nicole post-race in the parking garage

When we got to the race site, there was some lightning to the south, but no rain before and during the start of the race. It drizzled on us a little bit during the race, but that just felt nice. The race started near the Museum Campus, and it took awhile for the hordes of runners to pass through the narrow start – which was good because it was not a very wide course, and being nighttime (the race started at 9:15) and therefore dark out (and part of the course was literally next to the lake with no barrier), I appreciated the efforts they made to make sure the course was not too crowded.

Gen, Melanie, me before the race
Facing the start (we had to get on the other side, under the overpass)

We ran up along the harbor and then down Lake Shore Drive (on the sidewalk) and around the south end of Grant Park. The three of us (Gen, Melanie, me) ran together, and I just stayed at their pace since my legs are done racing for awhile. I made a game of picking up as many glow necklaces and bracelets (and glasses!) as I could find on the ground. I’m guessing they popped off the faster runners who didn’t care enough to go back for them.

The course had one water station (which I desperately needed, moreso because I had zero water for about two hours before the race started), and two tents that you run through – one with a strobe light (which was freaky, I’m not a fan of strobe lights) and one with a black light.

Black Light Tent – Gen, Melanie, Me.

Between the run/walking, stopping for pictures and my constant stopping to pick up discarded stuff on the ground, my time was 51:19, or a 13:45 pace. As race #4 in the past two weeks, and the fact that this was a “fun” race, I had zero interest in running for time.

Post-race there were snacks (pretzels, cookies, granola bars and Naked and FRS were passing out samples). They also had a DJ and some dancing, and were doing a costume contest, but when the DJ said they were about to shut down because a huge storm was about to come through, we started heading toward our car and got caught in some rain for the last couple blocks.  By the time we exited the parking garage, it was a downpour. Good thing that didn’t come down on us during the race!

Overall, I had a lot of fun at the race, I found it to be pretty well-run, and I would definitely recommend it if they do it again next year and you’re into “fun” races like this.

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14 Comments on “The Chicago Glo Run: Late Night Six”

  1. Fun night! Very cool that we saw you ladies in the garage both before AND after the race!! 🙂 AND, didn’t you run your long run with CARA yesterday morning?! That makes you a BEAST too! 🙂

    1. It wasn’t too dark. I mean, you’re still in downtown Chicago 🙂 The part right on the harbor was very well lit, the part on LSD was bright too, but the part through Grant Park was probably the darkest, but not too dark.

  2. I love these “just for fun” races (well, the ones that are not too ridiculous anyway – like you, I was not interested in the Color Run or an Obstacle Run)! They do a corn maze race out by me that I have done the past two years and I always have a blast. I bet I would like this one too! 🙂

    1. Running with glow sticks would be great for group runs in the winter! I already think they are super fun with all the reflective vests and flashing lights.

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