Spectating the Southwest Half Marathon

Sometimes, being on the sidelines is more fun.

Like when you attended a wedding the night before.

Because when my alarm when off this morning at 6:30am, the thought of running 13.1 miles was not appealing. I was so glad I decided to sit this one out, even though I was pretty bummed not to run with my friends. But today would not have been the “redemption race” I would have wanted. OR, I wouldn’t have enjoyed my cousin’s wedding as much as I did. (Well, maybe I would have, I always enjoy weddings. Dressing up? Seeing happy people? Spending time with my awesome relatives? And dancing? What’s not to love?)

Anyway, this morning I staked out a spot around 3.5 and 9.5 miles (the course was an out-and-back) to cheer on my F’N Runners!

Southwest Half Marathon 2012

People liked my sign. And not just my friends, but a couple random runners told me that I f’n rock. Thanks!

Southwest Half Marathon 2012

This race has a cash prize, so it does attract some elites. #1936 won the race in 1:06:49.

Southwest Half Marathon 2012

Jamie Parks pushes his wife Lynn in every run and race he does, including marathons. He finished in 1:34 … even though the chair got a flat around mile 7! Truly inspiring. They’ve even been in Runners’ World!

Southwest Half Marathon 2012

Amanda aka TooTallFritz in the orange top.

Southwest Half Marathon 2012

Judy, who ran the Illinois Marathon last weekend!

Southwest Half Marathon 2012

My cousin-in-law’s sister (waving)

Southwest Half Marathon 2012

Kelly aka Running Kellometers

Southwest Half Marathon 2012

F’N Runners

Southwest Half Marathon 2012

I had a blast spectating/cheering! If you’ve never spectated a race or gone to cheer/support friends, definitely do it! It’s so much fun!!

I have about 90 photos on Flickr if you want to see them all.

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14 Comments on “Spectating the Southwest Half Marathon”

  1. Looks like a great day for spectating and racing. I loved reading the Jamie and Lynn Parks story. I had not heard of them before, I bet that was quite inspiring!

  2. So awesome you went out and cheered! I never realized how fun it was until this weekend when i got to cheer on Matt, i love shouting things like “finish strong” at runners. LOVE IT!

    1. I tried to yell things that would actually be encouraging – and NOT “you’re almost done” since they had 3.5 miles to go. I stuck to “stay strong” and “you look awesome” and “stay awesome” and stuff like that. Occasionally I said “you got this!” but then I felt like I sounded stupid. I really should invest in a cowbell. I’m not good at shouting when I’m solo.

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