Race Report: Oak Forest Fleadh 5K

Oak forest fleadh 5k
Post-race with BFF Genevieve

Today is full of WIN! New 5K PR and I found out we got Radiohead tickets for June 10! Everything’s coming up Maggie!

After a few unseasonably warm days in Chicagoland this week (highs in the mid-to-upper 60s), it’s back to reality. This morning’s temps were around freezing and it was WINDY. We’ve been spoiled this winter, so I’ll be happy with seasonable temps for early March.

I ran today’s race with a bunch of ladies from my running club, including BFF Genevieve. (Spoiler alert: she had a huge PR! So proud of her!!) Of course we wore sparkle skirts.

I often wonder when I dress like this for a race, are the people racing around me thinking “just don’t let the chick in the sparkle skirt beat you.” Knowing what I think during races, my guess is yes.

Also if a guy in a skirt (kilt) passes you near the end, does that still count as being chicked? Or dragged? If so, I was dragged. That sounds bad.

Anyway, like I said, today was windy. The race started off on a long straight-away with the wind at our backs. My first mile was 7:09. WHOA. Hello speedy. By the second mile, we were going through a residential area, so not as much wind, and my second mile was 7:28. My goal was just to keep my heart rate at 178. Then it was back out onto the main road where we started, for a long straight-away to finish the race. No surprise – running straight into the wind. And I mean WIND. I just told myself to keep my heart rate up, and know that my last split won’t be as stellar. I run with my Garmin screen on my heart rate, so I had no clue what my pace was. Finally it beeped and it was 7:53. Alrightie then! Good thing I had that awesome first mile. I tried to sprint to the end as much as I could.

Official time was 23:18. A seven-second PR! Sweet. Considering how windy it was, I’m happy!!

I saw Amanda finish, and then we back-tracked to find the rest of our group. Amanda’s daughter was running the race as well, so Amanda finished with her. I kept going until I found Genevieve. When I caught up to her, she told me she her pace was around 11:30. I paced her to a 5K PR last month, so I knew she was going to kill her PR today. As we approached the finish I saw that the clock was still in the 36s, and sure enough, Genevieve PR’d by over 3 1/2 minutes! In one month!! Her official time was 36:04. I had veered off course right before the finish, so I ran around the barricades and found her after the finish and jumped on her yelling “you PR’d by three minutes!!” I’m sure the people around us thought we were crazy. But when you’re wearing a sparkle skirt, you have to act a little wacky, right?

Source: TooTallFritz.com

It was a pretty great showing for our group this morning. I placed third in my age group, as did Amanda, and her daughter, and our friend Judy. Nicole was there too, and placed second in our age group.

Source: TooTallFritz.com

23:18, 7:30 pace
Overall: 57 / 542
Women: 11 / 322
F25-29: 3 / 51

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