Almost Perfect Saturday

Today’s Run
My running group likes to meet early on the weekends (usually 7:30am) for our long runs, so imagine my joy when they decided to meet at 7am today! I have a hard time making it on time for the 7:30am runs, but was only 3 minutes late today.

I was planning to do the usual 10 miles, but Kelly W. was there and planned to do 12, and she is good running company, so I kept going with her. Kelly J. also made the trip down to run with us, so it was fun to add someone new to our usual Saturday morning group.

And check out our splits! I’m starting to think a sub-2 hour half marathon is going to happen this spring! 🙂

Also, because of last week’s chafing issues, I didn’t wear my compression tights during the run and I could feel it in the last couple miles (mostly in my knees). (But I didn’t chafe.) After showering and wearing my compression tights all afternoon, my legs feel fine.

Why my cat is an a**hole
When I got home from the run, I discovered that my cat sh*t on the floor while I was gone. We’ve had problems with this in the past, but so far this is only the second time she’s done this while we’ve lived here.

But I was pissed of course, so I did the only thing I could think of to “punish” her (not that she knows the difference) – I put her outside (on the screened-in porch because she doesn’t have front claws so she shouldn’t roam free). I could hear her meowing on the other side of the door and I immediately felt guilty. Is that what parenting is like?

Let me in Re-enactment
Here are some pictures of her from yesterday, when she kept wanting to go on the porch, but immediately come back in when she realized I wasn’t going out there with her. (Also this is proof that I’m not cruel, because most of the time she wants to go out there).
Baked oatmeal
A picture of my oatmeal!
I’m a healthy living blogger!

Today’s Eats
I spent most of the afternoon eating (as is usually the case after a long run). For my second post-run breakfast, I made Baked Oatmeal, using this recipe as a starting point. I really liked the result – it reminded me of rice pudding, which my mom made all the time growing up (great way to use up leftover rice).

For dinner we went to the Bier Stube – if you are in the south suburbs, and like hearty food, you must check it out. We spent much of dinner talking about our future dream vacation to Oktoberfest in Germany. And how we want to decorate a room in our future house like a German hunting lodge / military memorabilia museum. (Which is how the restaurant is decorated.)

And between all my eating I did take a nap. During which my cat tried to act like we are BFFs again, and snuggle up in the nook of my curled up legs.

But … the BIG news of the evening … on the way home, I discovered that a Chipotle is opening nearby! Obviously, as you may have noticed, I am addicted to Chipotle.

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