Runner TMI & Some Questions for You

I’m perplexed right now. Time to jump into some runner TMI! (Is there such a thing?)

I am getting chafing and blisters in places I’ve never gotten them. I’m trying to figure out why – what I’m doing differently:

1. I don’t think my CW-X pants are good for long runs for me. They keep slipping down just enough to be frustrating (and lead to chafing). Perhaps I am too tall for my size. Maybe I’ll get some capris if I can find a good deal and see how they compare.

2. I am learning which of my underwear I should not wear while running. However, I know some runners go commando under running tights (I only do with lined shorts). I tried this once and realized running tights have a seam going up the front. Let me just say, that seam gave me problems. I also felt like I was more prone to chafing, not less, which is why some runners say they go commando under tights. What do you do? If you go commando in running tights, is it more or less comfortable? Do you chafe more or less? 

3. I don’t think my blister healed from two weekends ago. I probably keep aggravating it, and running 10 miles today certainly didn’t help. It’s still frustrating because these shoes have 250 miles on them, and I wear the same socks every time I run (minus two weekends ago when I wore two pairs of socks).

So, lessons learned and now I can take the knowledge and move on. What running lessons have you learned lately? 

Also, one of my running buddies wanted to me to ask a question. It is winter, and many of the water sources that runners/bikers rely on in the warmer months are turned off. Lately the bathrooms near our trail have been open on the weekends, but the water fountains outside of them are turned off. Her question is, how many of you would “dive in” and drink water from a public bathroom sink? I do without thinking twice. It’s the same water source after all. I figure any clean water source is fair game.

Speaking of bathrooms … Am I the only one who feels somewhat victorious when I finally poop before my long run? Especially when your long run is first thing in the morning, before you would naturally do that anyway. Coffee helps.

Before this morning’s run. I’m in the back in the purple hat.
BFF Gen is next to me in the yellow headband.
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4 Comments on “Runner TMI & Some Questions for You”

  1. HAHA I can't help but laugh at this post because legit, same questions have been asked, and same types of situations have happened to me! As far as cold weather running, I always wear shorts over my tights (probably not that "cute" but whatever), which help keep them from falling down/keep them in place/no chaffing!

  2. I had to stop wearing the full length cwx, too short, chafing, and they were constantly falling. Then I'd have sore calves after a run, which was unusual. They just didnt work with my height. The 3/4 with calf sleeves do work well for me though. As for reg tights, they won't chafe if they fit properly. I can't go cheap here due to height issues. Plus, good tights have a liner to avoid chafing the unmentionables. You know I'm an Athleta fan. And sorry to be so lengthy but is it possible yours socks have thinned out? Mine break down from repeated wear/washing and I have to stop running in them, just use the thin ones for "play".

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