Three Things … Wednesday. Runner/Cat Lady/Fashion Blogger.

One: I’ve truly crossed over to the dark side. Wednesday is normally my day to run with my running group, we usually meet at a spot close to my office about 30 minutes after my day ends, just enough time for me to change into my running clothes at work and head straight there. But today I had a late conference call and by the time it ended, the group run was probably half over. However, I still wanted to run! So I headed home, laced up and went out. Even though the temps were in the 20s and there were icy patches on the ground, the thought of not running wasn’t really there. Of course I was going to run. It’s Wednesday! A year ago I would have looked for any excuse to skip a run. My Daily Mile log proves that point:

Anyway, I ended up doing a decent 4-mile tempo run. By decent I mean that even though I kept dodging icy patches, the miles that I tempo-ed were at a faster pace than my early June 5K PR; actually right around the pace for my November 5K PR. And my heart rate didn’t even get anywhere near 5K effort. (The closest it got was about 10bpm below.) Amazing what happens when you start running consistently! (See photo above, again.)

Two: This is why I’ll never be a fashion blogger, not even a running fashion blogger. For one thing, I could never convince my husband to take pictures of me. (I don’t even ask because I know he’d laugh.) Also I can’t even be bothered to get out my real camera, or place it on a tripod or even a shelf. Finally, do I even own Windex? And am I really posting a picture taken in my bathroom? Anyway, I had to get a picture of how awesome I looked tonight. I should have put my headlamp on my head to really complete the look.

Running fashion blogger, I am not

Three: When I got home from my run, I was sitting on the floor stretching. My cat strolled in, flopped on the floor, laid on her side, and stretched out her body. AWWWW, right? I wish I had yelled to my husband to come take a picture, but he was on the opposite side of the house and yelling would have scared her and she probably would have ran away.

An old picture, but you get the idea

Also (this is related to my cat, so it’s still #3), my cat’s litter box and food/water are in our bathroom (the same one pictured above). (It’s just easier that way.) She often gets trapped in there when I’m taking a shower. (She follows me around a lot, and I keep the door closed when I shower. You’d think by now she’d figure it out. But tiny head = tiny brain.) Anyway, while I was in the shower, she kept jumping up on the tub ledge, and hanging out between the shower curtain and liner, while I was showering. I’m waiting for the day she does that and slips and falls into the shower. Or the day I decide to be a big jerk and quickly pull back the liner and get her wet. She doesn’t have front claws, so what’s she going to do about it?? Someday. Today was not that day.

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