Run ALL the races! And my jeggings are too big.

This morning I noticed something nice in our checking account, and thought “oh that must be a mistake, hope the Navy doesn’t realize it!” Turns out it’s some back pay for my husband (from August by the way). So now? I am feeling like this and want to go registration crazy:

I knew this kind of unflattering picture of me would come in handy someday.

In other news, you know how I’ve mentioned that I’ve lost 25 pounds? I’ve gotten rid of some clothes that are too big, got some new clothes in a clothing swap, but I’m running out of pants that I can get away with wearing. For now I’ve been taking fashion advice from the Gap girls and cinching everything with a belt. Eventually I will probably get some new pants though. (Unless my office wants to switch to a leggings-approved dress code. Doubtful.)

losing weight

The other day I noticed that even my jeggings are too big. Now if THAT’S not a first world problem, I don’t know what is. Although, I’m curious … do you have more of a first world problem than your jeggings being too big? Please comment!

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