Florence and the Machine at the Chicago Theater 12/4/11

Florence and the Machine!Last night was the 93XRT Big Holiday Concert with Florence and the Machine at the Chicago Theater! It was awesome!!

I was bummed that I wasn’t able to go to her show at the Aragon Ballroom in June (we had a wedding to go to that night) so as soon as I heard she was headlining this show, I planned to go, even if I had to go alone. Luckily, my friend Liz came with me.

She played mostly songs from her new album, Cermonials, although she mixed in a few from Lungs, including Dog Days Are Over (which really got the audience pumped).

Full set list:
1. Only If For a Night
2. What the Water Gave Me
3. Seven Devils
4. Cosmic Love
5. Lover to Lover
6. Leave My Body
7. All This and Heaven Too
8. Between Two Lungs

Source: Flickr user fernybaldy

9. Dog Days are Over
10. Shake It Out
11. Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up)
12. Spectrum
13. Never Let Me Go
14. No Light No Light

Set list from this concert review from the Chicago Tribune.

She was adorable in her usual billowy sheer ensemble (a red dress with heels that she kicked off pretty early on). And she did a lot of bouncing and dancing and other general cuteness. And her voice is freaking AMAZING. Right now everyone is all into Adele – who is great – but holy vocal Gods, Florence Welch can sing!
Unlike many of the people around me (many of who got yelled at), for once I didn’t try to sneak photos (instead I trolled Flickr for those who did).

However, can I just give this quick concert photo PSA – turn off your flash!!!!! Seriously. And get a camera with a good zoom lens. Doesn’t have to be professional. I took these photos at an Ani Difranco concert and these photos at Lilith Fair – some from way up on the lawn – with this Canon Powershot

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