Race Report: Relativity – Commit to be Fit 5K

Please excuse my proud moment

This morning I ran a 5K race at the local Y. It was a small race (165 finishers), so going into it I thought maybe I had a chance at placing in my age group. You know, like third in my age group. There was also a 10K race going on at the same time, which I debated doing instead but decided I’d rather run the 5K and see if I can place. (Although I would have placed in the 10K – there were no runners in my age group!)

Once the race got going, I caught up to a group of young-ish women. Like probably around 20 years old. I kept up with them for the first mile, and then I think passed them somewhere during the second mile, although they passed me during the third mile. However, they kept me going, so thank you, younger ladies.

Running a 5K and 10K at the same time is deceiving. You think you’re passing someone, or they are  passing you, and realize they are running the other race. When I was nearing the finish, there was a guy right in front of me. Turns out he was running the 10K and kept going. I had no one to sprint with at the end.

My time was 26:20. Also I know Garmins aren’t perfect, but I noticed that my first lap was pretty much dead on with their mile 1 marker, but my second lap beeped quite a few yards before their mile 2 marker. Which was disappointing because it made me think I wasn’t doing as well as I thought, according to my watch. Then as I’m approaching the finish line, I passed the sign for mile 6 (the 10K was the 5K twice) and my Garmin was at 2.9 miles. So dead on. (Right?) Anyway, goes to show you that even USATF certified courses might have their miles markers a little off …

Anyway, so I ran this race alone (The Sailor was on duty this weekend), and after I finished I just kind of hung out, trying not to look too pathetic, waiting for them to announce the winners. They started with the 5K, announced the overall male and female and went into the age groups. Got to female 25-29. Third place went to … not me. Damn, I thought. Better luck next time. Second place went to  … not me, but I wasn’t expecting it. First place went to … me!!?!? Certainly wasn’t expecting that!

Now that the race results are posted (notice I waited until they were up to post this … I wanted to see it in writing that I won my group), I realize I won my age group by like 7 minutes. And for the record, there were eight in my age group, so no jokes that I won because I was the only one. Had they combined age groups, and I was among F20-29 I would have been third (because two of those fast 20-year-olds beat me)

Anyway, I know the small size of the race was in my favor. But I’ll take it. Now my goal is to place in a larger race!

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