Today’s Race: Run for Her Life

This morning I got up early to run the Run for Her Life 5K to benefit the Family Shelter Service.  Going in to the race, I felt that I could pull off a sub-10 pace. I ran 6.24 miles last Friday after work, and I felt great afterward, so I felt good going into this morning’s race. I finished in 30:17, which was a 9:46 pace. I was 87th out of 318, and 7th out of 23 for my age group. I wonder how well I could have done if I never slacked on my running … oh well, at least I started up again.

It was a little chilly (but perfect weather once we got moving) and the course had a couple hills (especially for my Chicagoland legs). I’m debating doing a costume race on 10/30 … but I’m not a morning person. These races are early. Especially since I’m up early all week. I know, boo hoo.

The race had a couple “celebrity” runners – Jerry and Estella Hayes, from Wheaton, IL, the oldest contestants in the history of The Biggest Loser. They are still skinny. The spoke a bit after the race about their experience.

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