another phone call :)

Rob called me again tonight! I asked him what he did right this time 🙂 He was kind of quiet on the phone, but it had something to do with standing at attention … or something. It was quiet on the phone. Either way, I’m pretty lucky to have received four phone calls from him so far – only one has been “routine” the other three were earned because he is doing well. So way to go, Rob.

He said he’s enjoying boot camp a little more each day. He’s glad he joined the navy. He said the hardest thing is the “bad apples” in his division – the recruits who have bad attitudes, and make it harder for the rest. So, if that’s his biggest problem, that’s pretty good. At least he’s not complaining that he made a huge mistake, or that he can’t take it physically. He sounds in pretty good spirits on the phone.

Also, he mentioned that there is a chance he will do A-school at Great Lakes instead of Florida. This would be fantastic! Of course, he won’t know for sure until the last week of boot camp. So I won’t get my hopes up just yet.

In non-Rob news, I had a nice Fathers Day with my Dad. My parents came over to watch the Cubs game, and I made lots of yummy food for them – fried green tomatoes, slow-cooked BBQ country style ribs, grilled chicken & veggie kabobs. Way to go me. AND the Cubs won. Woot!

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