Missed Call

Diversey Rock 'n Bowl
 I started off strong

So last night I got a phone call from The Sailor! Unfortunately I was out at a bowling alley, and didn’t hear my phone. But he left a voicemail. It was mostly about financial stuff, but there was a “love you” near the end 🙂 But I’m really bummed I missed a chance to talk to him! Considering the last time we actually talked was over two weeks ago, and I don’t know when the next chance we’ll be. At the most, in about 40 days at his graduation. But I have no idea if a call will come earlier. I wish the Navy would at least tell us a window of time, like, in the evenings after 5pm, or on Saturdays after 3pm or something, so at least I get a chance to pay more attention to my phone. Oh well.

I kept myself pretty busy again this weekend. Thank you friends!

Friday night: Dinner with friends

Played at the GSU graduation with my concert band in the morning
Went to my sister-in-law’s dance recital in the afternoon
Stopped by my parents’ house since I was down the street
Went bowling in the evening with friends to celebrate my brother’s birthday

Crashed at my brother/sister-in-law’s last night since I was in the city and tired and they have a comfy couch, we just chilled in the morning/early afternoon until they got moving and I went home. The rest of today has been spent doing the things I’ve put off: dishes, laundry, etc.

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4 Comments on “Missed Call”

  1. why does he not call your cell phone? oh well. you will have to stay in your house, sitting by the phone, until he calls again (kidding!).you are getting good with camera tricks! i like that glowy bowling alley shot. 🙂

  2. he did call my cell phone – we don't have a land line. but I was at a bowling alley, and my ringer isn't obnoxiously loud, so I didn't hear it. plus I wasn't expecting a call, so I wasn't really thinking I should pay attention. I have since changed my ringer to an obnoxious ring tone. I'll do what it takes to not miss him if he calls again!

  3. oh and I don't know if I'm getting good with camera tricks so much as I am using a make-shift tripod as much as I can so I can turn off the flash. so I'm using tables, chairs, the ground, ledges, shelves, etc, as my "tripod."

  4. you are a perfect candidate for one of those flexible tripods–like the "gorillapod" i think it's called? they carry them at Target i think.

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