How I kept myself distracted this past weekend

Friday: Buffalo Wild Wings with co-workers

Saturday afternoon: Na’ama Rose Dance Center show (Loren and Melissa were in it and they were awesome).

Saturday evening: Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra with my parents and my buddy Scott

Saturday night: Going away party for Paula at Steve & Loren’s

Sunday afternoon: went for a run

Sunday night: Pin-Ups with Pez with Loren and Melissa.

Kept me mostly distracted from the fact that Rob is gone. I mean, there is no escaping it, but getting out of the apartment helps a LOT. This weekend might be another good one. My Saturday is pretty packed. Need to fill Friday and Sunday ….

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One Comment on “How I kept myself distracted this past weekend”

  1. if only he could've waited another year or something. then you would be like "YES!" and living the quasi-single-lady lifestyle. distractions rock, that way.saturday night was fun–you should've stayed with the super late-night crew.

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