And that’s that

I got my final phone call last night – “Hi, I’m here, see you in 9 weeks.” I was getting pretty worried I wouldn’t get it. By 11pm, he still hadn’t called, and I have to work, so I went to bed. Finally, at 1:30am, my cell phone rings, and it’s him. I’m glad I got the last call (it seals the deal that this is really happening, everything is in order, and finally there are no more reasons for them to send him home), but why so late??? I guess I need to remember that for the next 9 weeks (and then 14-26 weeks after that, and then 1-2 weekends/month), the Navy is #1, and the wife (and her sleep schedule) are #2.

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  1. and that leaves a lot of time for you to book a weekend to WI. i know the excitement of the drive is enough to take your mind off Robert for at least half a day. which is how long it takes to get here. jk! it’s only 4 1/2 hours… 🙂

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